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Mitesh Parmar

My Computer Cello

     Well to start off I currently am a freshmen at the University of Connecticut but I started this build while I was a senior in high school. I did not know all that much about computers at the time as this was my very first build. I used a Sony Vaio as my main device for almost 5 years at that time and was looking to upgrade it as fast as possible, I wanted to use programs such as Autodesk and game more than just League of Legends. I saved up over $1,200 to build a computer but to me that didn't seem enough. I didn't want to just be able to say I put together my computer. I wanted it to be able to represent me. To put things short; I had an old broken cello so I decided to build it inside of that:




Intel i7-4790k, Corsair h80 Water Cooler

Asus z97-Pro

Samsung 840 EVO 120gb SSD

Samsung 500gb 2.5 Hard Drive

20gb G.Skill Ripjaws Ram

XFX R9 290, Replaced by XFX R9 390

650Watt Rosewill Hive PSU 

Cooler Master Silent Fan 120 S12




The first thing I had to was cut out the entire back of the cello to extend it far enough for the graphics card to fit. Extending the cello did give way to more airflow in the end though, and it looks way better in my opinion. I also cut out a rectangle as I wanted a window to look into it.





My favorite color scheme is green and black; it also explains how all of my peripherals are Razer products. I painted the red stripes and the blue heatsink on the ram black afterwards to match. I installed standoffs to mount the motherboard and the hard drive is underneath the green fan next to the Corsair AIO. The SSD I attached to the top. The power switch and power LEDs are run beneath the motherboard and I drilled holes as to be able to access them (They are located to the right of the SSD). When I installed the 290, it was leaning too much for my liking but I did not how to fix the problem so I just used a line of zip-ties painted green as to hide them, it is not noticeable at all when the back of the cello is put on. 



                Lastly, I put in cello strings and fine tuners. It is a fully functioning cello once all the strings are tuned. The extended space inside adds a deep vibe underneath the notes. In fact, when I play it while the fans are spinning inside, it adds an extra layer of vibrato. Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major sounds better on this cello than I could ever play on the violin or regular cello.


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