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MasterCase5 MOD: Project TRON


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Today has been a good day,they say good things come to those that wait :D

The final component for the Tron build has arrived, the sexy Nvidia GTX1080 Founders Edition GPU.

Next steps are, fit the GPU water block and start working on the wiring and plumbing so I can see what space I have and add some final touches.






BTW, COOLERMASTER! you have done great with the forum, its working perfect and very fast now :D

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The water block has now been fitted to the 1080 along with the backplate I painted earlier in the log.
Fitting on the side still needs to be painted white.


Plenty of spare screws and pads came with the EK FC1080 GTX, it's been one of the easiest blocks to fit.





I'm now working on the cable covers for the MB power sockets and GPU, you will see in the last photo a small square pencil outline where the cable along with the cover will be going once cut.
Plan is to do away with cable sleeving as this is a Tron build and keep it as clean as possible with zero wires visible. 

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Last part of the water block painted to blend better with the other parts, until the lighting is completed I'm not sure if the screws

I left black on a couple of bits will stay black or if I will change them to white/blue.






Once I got the GPU and fitted the waterblock I could start to plan the wiring and tubing, one important part of the build I wanted to happen was zero wires visible
for a very clean look and to keep in line with the Tron theme. 

The biggest thing I had to cover was the main motherboard PSU socket and wires, made one by cutting and bending some clear acrylic followed
by some white wrap.



Taped together until the glue was set, used some clear just encase I decide to have the cover lit.









The next ugly wire in need of a cover was the GPU PCI-E.






On to my first time with PETG hard tube, the one im using for this build is EK-HD PETG 2/16mm Tube.

It's a lot more easy to work with (cutting and bending) than the normal acrylic hard tube and the only notable difference is slightly less shine
when I have them side by side.












Didn't order enough tube :( so until the extra tube arrives I moved on to the wiring and switches, only having 2 main switches for the Tron lighting, EL Tape / EL Wire, the other parts will by remote only. 


I did try with some ring light switches as I have used on a couple of other builds, but the light just didn't look that great with the Tron design so went with plan switches. 






The switches can be placed/move to any of the 2x bays at the top of the case, for now there in the top slot.

The 2 big inverters are from EL Wire&tape AKA wirecraft, the small one if from China, apart from the size you can also feel the deference in quality.
Switches are now connected to the inverters and working a treat. 


Now I just have to add the last tube, fill with water to check all is well then play with the water colours I got from EK, and some other finaly touches.
Also my good freind Marco at F3nix Mods is cutting me some last minuet logos. Thank you mate :)

So very soon after the Christmas break the project should be completed, I'm looking forward to testing out the 1080 mostly, especially with some VR games.

Have A Great Christmas & Fantastic New Year!

Rob (deblow) Deluce

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After a couple of delays I'm glad to report that the Tron project is complete! :D

I should have the final photos up during the next day or so, but today I just want to post some pics to completed the build log progress.

During the Christians holidays I finished of all the wiring but had to make a plan to light the sides panel edged but in a 
way that would keep them removable for maintenance. 

I'm using a the toughen tinted glass as the main window side and on the other side im using the panel I did the Tron airbrush work on, but I also 
have a clear plastic panel and plane black so might be having a swap around now and then.


The back and bottom edges are attached to the panel and the other side are on the case its self.



Once the wire was glued in to place I had to do a couple of quick release connections for both the side and I ran the wires behind a removable cover plate I made from some plexi.




The logos for the bottom of the case also arrived this weekend so I finished of the PSU cover and added some lighting 
very tight squeeze behind the logos as I have the PSU, wires, tubing and a quick release for swapping out the water.



Once I was happy with all the lighting I filled her up with some clear water to flush out any crap that might have got in during the build.
didn't take long to get the bubbles luckily :)


Filled up with some shades of blue and a white before decided to go with a pale blue.

Also I mentioned earlier in the build that I wasn't sure if I would be sticking with black screws & bolts or painted them.
I did decided not to stick with black but instead of painting them I went ahead and polished 
them to a nice chrome looking finish that matches up better to a couple of the EK fittings. 



To finish of the build I covered all the delicate bits and gave the whole case another quick buff and polish as it had picked up some minor scratches
over the build progress as you can see under the light in the photo below.


So thats it for the build log, I will be back soon with the final photos and then eventually a video hopefully :)

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Today I will post what final photos I can, might take me a couple of days due to the slow 
server i'm using for the photos..

I do plan to upload a lot of photos but I will try split them best I can.
Really want to show the case under all lighting conditions and with as many options 
as possible covered to help answer questions before you even ask :D

There's always someone that asks, but what's it look like in the daylight, what if it gets wet! ??? :D

I know you will have already seen the paintwork if you followed the the log but I have done some extra buffing and a nice wax 
polish to protect one of the hardest paint jobs I ever attempted and my first ever proper style airbrush, not perfect but better than I expected tbh :)

So, 1st photo is one I put together with the sponsors listed to show some respect.
stuck mini Tron in there also, cos he's cute.
white Tron is deep within my bike shed but I will dig it our at a later date for full family shoot lol






Very happy with the internal layout and colour, I had used some other colours and tube directions but went with this one for a couple of reasons I 
will go over when I post the older photos (test shots)

MINI and big Tron..
(very low light)



(LED kitchen lighting on)
I will mention the lighting now and then so you better understand how the case lighting and paintwork are reacting under them conditions. 
Hope this will be useful to some of you.





The front disc is removable, should be some photos up later showing with and without the disc.


Reflection looks better than real life :o
thanks to the spot lights messing with my hand..


Like the sides, the front is also removable.




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