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MasterCase5 MOD: Project TRON


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On 2/2/2017 at 1:20 AM, Ne1ld0 said:

Oh, I forgot to ask now that Tron 1.0 is complete, how loud/annoying are your power inverter(s)?

I'm only using one that has a sound controlled feature and it gets annoying pretty quick with that high pitched constant noise.

Also, if you used 2 power inverters, is one for exterior and one for interior lighting? If so, would love to see pics with each turned on individually.

Well, I cant hear the inverters, all i can here are fans and the pump, normal sounds :)
The battery packs I have used did have a louder buzz, but once all hidden away inside a case they too will be very hard to hear when fans and pumps are going. 

Yeah using 2x, one for the outside and other on the inside, I can have a couple of light up modes then. 

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Tron cycle update!
While at the Makerfaire event I bumped in to some nice guys from 3D GBIRE, they had some Ultimakers out on demo and kindly said
they would do me a quick print, by quick I mean 15hrs lol..
anyway, this is the result and its not bad for medium settings.




made some double sided EL tape by folding and gluing.
This is just resting on the case, not sure where I will place it as yet, maybe on the inside..


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