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[MOD] DSIGN III :: Lost paradise :: update ! 23.05.2006


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Guest Mindless Moron
:lol: , i don't say my casemod will be a " BTX " but it will be like most of btx case, the acrylic windows on the right of the case, not on the left, that's all ... well :wink:

btx specifictation allows for the motherboard tray to stay in its present position its mermly the io shield and expansion slots are swapped around on the motherboard itself.

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hmm, thanks to your and keeping me near Mr.Kholl case mod , it's an honor, and i don't know why there isn't more case choose the BTX style ( flip the case ) - but i have to build my own case to get this BTX style ! ^^

but what do you mean when you say : " If the hsf on your video card is nice than why hide it right? ' - i didn't understand :?

Thanks for enjoying my praise! :lol:

Anyway, I meant that if your heat sink is sexy, like this: th_e6630_untitled_poopy.JPG

,then why hide it by installing it upside down the way ATX does?

Oh, and great job getting a sponsor!

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I received my new radiator, the htf3 have water leakages , therefore I have to change it. I decided to buy a CHILLGUARD triple because it's more beautiful and slim , that 'swill help me to put it inside the case easily with the fan on the rad...with the HTF3 the fans would take too much place and it was hard to keep all the part in their good place !




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