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Project 303

Yorick Smilda

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After not doing a lot of modding for a while, I wanted to try it again. After seeing the In Win 303 on Gamescom I was sold, that was going to be my next project. It is one of the nicest 'payable' cases I have seen so far. And one email conversation later, a 303 arrived at my doorstep :D




My idea for this case is to make a magnificent showcase in a black and white colour scheme. This is going to look awesome in combination with the LED magic which will be included. I don't work with sketches, but the plans are stored... in my head.

First up, whoever came up with the idea of the blue LED front plate. After a lot of sanding, it already looked a lot better.




In Win also shipped me a second glass side panel, so I can fit that on the other side of the case.  This won't fit standard, but that will be solved soon. After that, you will be able to see everything that is going on inside the case, that leaves me with the task to cover everything up. 

At first, I tried to adjust the original side panel, but that didn't come out as slick as I wanted it to be.




Most of the LED's have been cut to length, cabled and sleeved. I just can't put them in already because I'm still working on the controller that is gonna make it really pop out.




At this point, I teamed up with DBRichard to also make these LEDs and my controller in his Spectrum lineup. LED's meet the DBR HAF 480:


For more of that, follow his Instagram.


I already had an In Win Pro-1 headphone stand, just because it looks awesome. But in the spirit of this project, it needed some more... color. So now it is also Spectrum edition :D



Next up will be some acryl work, sleeving and metal working!

See you next time!

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Update time!

Last time I didn't fully show how the front panel looks now, I did a bit more sanding and with the LED's behind it, it looks great.

O5362hH.jpg  EQVjKVy.gif

Meanwhile, I contacted Cooler Master asking if they wanted to team up with me to make this project even better. They agreed and a bit later I received a CM V550 and a CM Masterliquid 240, these will be used and edited to fit the Spectrum part of this build.


After lots of measurements and a long time learning the program's capabilities, I finished all the acrylic pieces I wanted to put in. For these panels, I'm teaming up with Custom Acrylics who are going to laser cut the pieces for me.


Next time I hope to have all the acrylic sheets and that I have fitted the side panel. This needs to be put a bit back to allow air through, and I was thinking of doing that with some magnets, not sure though. See ya!

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Update time, I've been a bit busy this period so this project has taken a bit of a hold, but never the less still a lot of things have happened!


In the last update, you could see that Cooler Master set me up with a nice power supply and an AIO cooler. But these needed a bit of a 'ProAce' touch. So soon after I got them the cooler was already bleeding out its green insides. This way I can fit new tubes on it with white coolant which will look way nicer. 






After that was out of the way, the white LED had to go. It is a nice colour, but RGB is just plain better. So I fitted some off my own LED's in and hooked it up to the controller. Which also has a new iteration and is now being programmed, need to figure out some nice modes...






In Win also had a surprise for me, they set me up with a set of Aurora fans. These samples are pre-production but they're still working great. They have the same kind of LED's in as I use and the controller that comes with it has tonnes of modes, also the remote is a nice extra touch.




To fit in the second glass panel, I had to trim down the case a bit. The piece which the PSU rests on was too long and blocked the panel from fitting properly. So after taking the air powered rotary tool out, and a bit of good will, it came off quite easy. The rest got a bit scratched up but that will get an acrylic cover. 






The side panel fits these tiny magnets in perfectly and they're strong enough to keep te panel in place. I liked this method so much that I took the original construction off as well and replaced that with magnets.




The last thing I did for this update was starting the sleeving job. AddonCustoms set me up with loads of connectors and I used those in combination with some white 18AWG wire and grey/white paracord. The result so far is stunning if I may say so myself, now I only need to do my 24 pin cable.






That's how far I got for now! In the next update, I hope to have the acrylic, have finished the sleeving and, have put some new tubes on the AIO. See you then!

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Long time no see. In the past weeks, I have finished the build, but I wasn't able to update the build log because I was busy with work and school. The build is done and has been on one of the biggest dutch LAN's already. This will be the last update before I will upload the final pictures. Becuase I was so busy I sometimes forgot to take pictures while doing the modding, these missing details will be shown with the final pictures :)


The first job to do was finishing the sleeving. The 24 pin and all the I/O cables are finished as well now. So everything looks uniform








The biggest problem to tackle was the water cooling. The way I wanted to do it didn't work out. I first wanted to fill up to All in one with only the tubes changed, that didn't work at all so I added a reservoir. That made filling it up fairly easy and made it look a bit nicer. But something in the combination a.i.o, fluids and tubes didn't work and the color started to flock and disappear so I had to switch to pure water.




Everything seemed to work out okay.


But after a couple days....






To make this build look as clean as possible I used the laser cutter at school to cut out the designs I showed earlier. These plates help me clean up cables, diffuse light and just look amazing. I did, however, forget to make more pictures of this part of the build :-(




I promised you RGB glory, so the last step of the build was to #RGBEverything! I used about 150 addressable LED's on this build controlled by my custom controller. With the final pictures, I'll include some GIFs so you can behold the RGB rainbow glory.




I hope to be able to put up the final pictures within a week or so, see you then!

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