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Hello everyone!

We are back again with another AMAZING project with Asus South Africa and Cooler Master South Africa! Dubbed Project Iris cool.png
This system will be our first ever ALL IN ONE system!
Looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you again, so let's begin...


To give some context and reasoning behind the Iris build, many people spend many hours behind their computers.
Whether you are a gamer, developer, creative artist, or corporate individual, at the end of the day (unless you are taking precautions) will suffer from a great deal of eye strain.
Enter Project Iris, the system that will not only be raising awareness of this everyday issue, but will also highlight some features of the Asus brand that I'm sure some of you out there was not aware of.
As this system is an AIO, it will contain the monitor built inside the chassis. This project is really exciting and I am honoured again to be working with Asus SA and Cooler Master SA! biggrin.png
Being Sphinx Mods, we aspire to be the first in many regards, and push the boundaries for gorgeous mods that provide a true emotion and meaning behind them. With that being said, I will also be unveiling a new type of water piping, which would require one to be even MORE accurate when making runs to the various pieces of hardware throughout the build.



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Picture time!
Asus South Africa graciously provided their latest Z270 ROG Maximus IX Formula for the Iris build, thanks so much guys!



Opening the box is such an experience!




The amount of extras that this motherboard comes with is so amazing! Just check at all of those stickers! biggrin.png




A close up shot of the high bandwidth SLI bridge that comes with this beautiful piece of hardware.






Here is a shot of the M.2 Sata reinforcement bracket that is mounted at the bottom of the motherboard.



Inside of the bracket, one can see the different M.2 drive sizes that are supported by the Maximus IX Formula.




Now the new lineup of motherboards from Asus comes with RGB Headers on the motherboard (Just in case the Aura sync was not enough for you tongue.png), the Maximus IX Formula has two RGB Headers.

The bottom one:




The top one:




Another AWESOME feature that the Formula IX has is the built in EK waterblock for the motherboard!








Another AMAZING piece of hardware graciously provided to us for the Iris build, is none other than the Intel Core i7 7700K! Thanks so much guys! biggrin.png




Some closeup goodness:






ROG's awesome SupremeFX audio technology has levelled up, delivering an exceptional 113dB signal-to-noise ratio on the line-in connection! biggrin.png




A closeup of the PCI Express clips that also glow with light! biggrin.png




With their patent pending PCI Express reinforcement, Asus Safeslot will protect your motherboard in the long term from the new beefy graphics cards that are dominating the market today smile.png




Here's a closeup of the 24pin connector for the motherboard:





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Some more plastic pulling goodness!






Doesn't that look so much better?




Featuring an AIO PWM Connector!



Even though you might not see this part of the board, it is nice to see how much pride was taken in the design!






Here's a closeup to the really discretely placed Start and Reset buttons on the Maximus IX Formula.





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Hi everyone, we are back with another update, finally had a chance to take some photos of the monitor for Project Iris... none other than the ASUS PB238!


This is an IPS 1080P Display Port supported panel, which allows for the panel itself to be rotated to portrait orientation on its stand, and can be swiveled left or right as well.


Of course keeping to the message of the Iris build, this monitor comes featured with the ASUS Ultra Low Blue Light feature, which actively works to reduce eye strain :grin:


Man I love the design on this thing, check it out!




With an awesome tilt feature, this monitor really has a wide range of uses!




Some close ups...






A shot of the alignment markings on the base of the PB238 :D




Just in case you are a USB port power user ;)




Every bit of this monitor's design was so well thought of!




Some detailed specs for those of you out there who need it... 8)




A shot showing the various connections that the PB238 has!



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I finally bought the aluminum on the weekend, so let's begin...



Here's a rough estimate of where the motherboard will be placed in the system:




Such attention to detail, man I love ASUS products!



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Yes guys, I'm going to be doing this for a little longer... some more sneak peaks :P

To little surprise to many that know me, I LOVE aluminum, it's such a clean material to work with and absolutely fun to photograph too.

*A messy work station is a productive work station 8)




Always a golden rule for modding...




A hint of the frame, here's a corner joint for the time being...






Lastly for this post, it wouldn't be Sphinx Mods approved if it didn't have some perspective goodness :P




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