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Bob Lindall

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8 hours ago, witkazy said:

Wow , man Your project is monumental .

Mine looks like coffe table project in comparison heh heh, glad to see all the progress , nothing beets this rush when all the parts click in the place and first boot completess succesfuly (knock on wood) .God speed ,man.


Thanks!  Yeah, it is quite an undertaking.  Coffee table comparison or not, creativity is what this is about.  That's why I like yours.  Plexiglass is tough to work with (I know the plight all too well) so I can admire what you are having to deal with.  Again, thank you.  I'm quite excited about all of this, as well!  God speed to you, as well.

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3 hours ago, witkazy said:

Solid work ma man, great idea to have power switch at your fingertips without fumbling to turn system on.

Thanks.  Yes, convenience is a nice thing to have.  I want everything to be easily reachable in my case so that you don't have to move around and fiddle with stuff.

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4 hours ago, slipperyskip said:

Looks like you are having a lot of fun. You need a better name for it. Not so crazy IMO :)

Krazyredboy is my gamer tag for everything I do... so I felt it was appropriate.  Thanks!  I am having a lot of fun with this build... it's costing me a lot of money... but still having fun.

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3-2-2017 Update!

I now have interior lighting for the ceiling.
I now have a fan controller and one of my doors completely wired and ready.
I even have a video of my roommate (of whom, does not typically play games) enjoying the setup.


My roommate testing out the setup and enjoying it... much to his surprise.


For the door wiring, I decided to make it simple and used an RJ45 connector to connect all of the fans to the fan controller via a CAT6 cable.  This made for a simple run of wire to each of the fans and made for a simple connector at the door, for when the doors are removed.


A video of the door fans in action:
Door Fans in action


LED lighting is a 5050 kit, although I may need to change out the controller, as it does not seem to work well with the remote (the remote is fine, as I used it on another set of LED's that I had and it worked just fine).



Lastly, I have my four intake and exhaust fans for the computer compartment, now.  They are all 140mm, low RPM fans so that they have the least amount of noise.  I bought two, 90 degrees, 4 inch wide PVC pipes, to direct air from the bottom of the case, into the computer compartment, as well (Not pictured).

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No major changes to note.  
I HAD completed the wiring for the fans for the left door... however, I miswired something and managed to kill one of and possibly... both of the fans in that door.  I will be figuring that out, shortly.

I bought a new keyboard and mouse from Fry's... and... as anybody that shops as Fry's would know, I had to take one of those items back.
And here is what I was greeted by, upon opening the box.


Newest parts and controllers:


No video updates since the last one, unfortunately.  I've been at work and haven't been getting home until late in the evening, only to have an early shift start again, the following day (for the last several days), so there hasn't been much progress.  Although, trying to fit a second trip to the nearest Fry's was certainly, fun!  It happens to be about an and a half away from where I live, so I don't get to make many trips to that store... and given the propensity for having to return items, I try to limit my exposure to the store in the first place.

Thanks y'all![/quote]

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