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Bob Lindall

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1 hour ago, Rakazone21 said:

Great Work..

Sure it took a long and detailed process  :grin:


It did.  Thank you.  I had been planning something like this for a while and had drawn up some basic plans.  It wasn't until I came across the materials for the cage, that I decided to begin the project.  And then, as luck would have it, I found out about this contest and found that I was within the criteria to join.  So it's given me the drive to finish it sooner than what I had initially thought it would take.  That... and being kicked out of my home in the next month, is also driving me to finish quicker... so... there's that, as well.

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4-8-2017 Update:


I've managed to sneak in a few hours here and there, outside of my insane work hours as of late.  Here is the progress.


I have most of the insulation and outer paneling cut and in place.  The insulation will get a thin coat of carpeting, so it's rather reflective at the moment, but will not be so when it is complete.


Other than cutting a few more exterior panels, I just have a bit more cable routing to deal with and then sealing the component tray and getting the fans installed and routed in that area, as well.


Enough talk, here are the pictures!

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4-11-2017 Update!


It's getting closer to being finished!


Both doors are completely covered.  I just have to work on covering the silver portion of the insulation with thin carpeting.


The back portion of the floor board is finally in.  Although, I will still need to make the necessary cuts for Fan Ports.


All but the sides of the front nose paneling have been cut and are in place.


Da Photos:
Cutting the holes for the fans on the doors.


The cutting of the floorboard.


Half of the back paneling and how the current look of the back of the system.


Even with some of the paneling missing, the system does an excellent job of mitigating the sound from bleeding out and getting in.  So far, with only 3 fans in operation (I blew out one of the circuits on my fan controller a while ago) the system stays relatively cool on the inside.  I spent an hour or two in the system yesterday and played in it around noon, while it was a warm day.  There were no apparent issues with overheating.


More to come, very soon!

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4-12-2017 Update!


Finished up the MOST of the outer paneling.  Now, it's just a matter of getting the interior finished up, along with re-working a bit of the wiring and the last of the fans.  I still have to put in the final back panel, as well, that will have the last of the exhaust fans.


It's nearly there!


Paneling for the nose section:
I know, that front door panel is a little wavy, but that will get fixed.


The back, so far:


From the side.  Yes, I will have to fill in the gap at the top, as well.


And what it's all for!  Me, enjoying the system!


I decided to play a little H1Z1 King of the Kill, with a couple of friends.  And everything is working great!!!


Thanks for tunin' in!

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On 4/16/2017 at 6:39 PM, weejim said:

Awesome though a bit claustrophobic!

How's the reverb on the speakers ? Planning on adding a VR headset ? 



I have no problems with the close quarters.  It's actually, roomier than it looks.  My roommate, who is 6' 4", doesn't have any issues, either.  Speakers are ok, for right now.  That reflective material doesn't help, but that's why I plan on putting a Microfiber cover over all of those surfaces.  That should sufficiently deaden the reverb caused by the interior.  As for VR, maybe in the future.  I'm not a huge fan of it at the moment, due to issues with vertigo and not being able to focus well on the screens inside the goggles.

Thanks, however!

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