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Hello! Practically completed the compartments for your video card and power supply, they are also the engine MAD goose. Now they have even attached to the fuselage, but more on this later ... Thank you for reading! I am pleased that my work is appreciated!


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Hello everybody! I'm glad you follow! Have you been bored? And now it's time to put everything together! The first compartment to the main body will be the video card compartment. But nevertheless the pieces will be joined together by a support plate, on which the whole body will rest on the rest. It will be like a goose leg. Well finite but also cut the window for the wires.


To be continued!


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On 21.04.2017 at 14:23, witkazy said:

Выглядит довольно солидно и очень зол :grin:.

Я надеюсь, что они сделают фильм один день:

Сумасшедший Гусь против Годзиллы или что-то подобное. Ура.

It is necessary to suggest to any director)))

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