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Hello again!! In the morning i decided to expand a bit the effect around the logo and apply some more of fiberglass.



Later on this day, i decided to cut the rear existing fan grill and apply the fan grill with the game logo.

First i marked the grill's outline to cut it easier and better!



So i took the previous speedclic which i used to cut the side panel and then make some first cut.

So, here is the disc after a few minutes of cutting!



After the replace!!



Lets continue cutting!!

Here is after cutting!!



After that, i changed the bit to file down quicker the rough edges of the cut.

Small ones were filled down with some fille.



After some filling with the dremel!!



So then, i decided to screw on the case the game fan grill to see how it looks!

So, i marked the starting point of the grill so there i had to stop filling!



As you can see, there are some excess edges which had the be filled down with the dremel of course!!



Here is the result after some serious filling!



If you are a perfectionist, here are the results!! :D



More updates soon, and tonight i might give some time to enhance the effect on the logo on top of the case!!

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Hello again!! It seems that i'm done adding effect and decided to paint the top panel to see how it's going to look.

So here is the process!!




So, now is the time to put some primer!!



Here are some images after i primered the logo and the panel!!



It's now time after the primer dried to paint it with the crackle technique, orange and the "secret weapon" and the result is more than promising and satisfying!! :D



So, all of the above is how the panel will look painted and i think i'll leave it as it is!! :D

All painted parts with crackle effect will be stored until all the rest of the case is done and clear coat lacquer is applied everywhere!!

GoodNight and see you tomorrow with more updates!! Peace Brothers!!

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Hello from our rainny town!! As of yesterday, i am practicing a few new painting techniques which i am thinking very seriously of applying them on the case!! To give you an example i'm talking about something like this!!



Today i decided to paint like this the second fan grill i have which i painted with blue hammered color and blood red splashes!! I'm talking about this fan grill!!



So what i did next was sand down a bit the grill and re paint it!! Primer first and then the orange paint!! Next i applied the effect by using a netted glove i found yesterday!! So after the paint dried, i applied the glove on top of the grill and painted it black matt and here is the result after a layer of clear coat!!



Next update later on today!! Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! To day i decided to trimm a bit the rear fan hole where the grill will be placed.

(This session was broadcasted live on my personal facebook account!!)



After that, i decided to remove the rear i/o panel at first and paint it! (Maybe tomorrow because i need some primer!! :D )

So lets remove some rivets!! :D



Here is the panel removed.




So, after that, i decided to remove the motherboard tray also, so, rivets again!! Sigh....!!



Luckily, the whole back panel is detachable, so i removed that too!! :D



Next thing was to remove the stickers and clean it as best i can and not leave any excess residue.

Then i had to clean it and sand down a bit to roughen it with 180 gritt sand paper.




Here is cleaned, sanded and ready for first coat of primer!




During the process, the spray can depleted and had to add some more with the good quality primer i had!! (Luckily i bought one!! :D )




Here is while i paint it orange!! I decided to paint with the crackle effect and paint the interior with the technique i used on the fan grill!!



Next i applied my "secret weapon" to create that crackle effect!!

So, here are some images after i waited for the crackle effect to be finalized!!



After it dried a bit i decided to remove the plastic feet!!



Here are removed!!



As, for the power supply stand which is unpainted, i might leave it as it is because the paint will peeled off!!

Next update will be tomorrow!! Peace Brothers!!


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Hello again!! I couldn't help myself and decided to paint the power supply metal base to the whole exterior theme!!

The inner part will be painted differently but on the same color pattern not crackle effect same colors!!



I might sit in the next hours to see and study the next moves i will be making on the case!!

Any updates will be posted very soon!! Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Last night, i decided to play a bit with the front panel's door!! I have a little surprise for that part, but will announce it later on these days!!

So, first, i removed the plastic addon that says Cooler Master and masked the door so when i get the part will take measures!!



So, along with this, i decided to primer the rear i/o and pci panel, so what i did first was to remove the plastic clamps that are used to guard the cards.

After that, i cleaned it of dirt and sanded a bit where it had some spots of rust.



Here is the back side painted with the good quality primer, as the primer i use mainly for all the parts runned out!! :(



Here we come to waking up in the morning today!! The postman rang by doorbell and had two packages, the first was my wife's package and the other was mine,

and now here we go to the fun part!! :D It contained the rusting kit i waited!! I love unboxing goodies!! :D:D



Here are the goodies unboxed!! :D:D



Well, i instantly wanted to try it, so, i took the fan grill i painted with the crackle effect.



First things first, i added with a brush some primer that this package contained and then after it dried i took some iron paint off the protective cap of the bottle.



After it dried, i added some sprays of rust activator.



The result wasn't promising and not what i wanted.

So, then, i re-did the process correctly this time. The problem was on the iron paint, wasn't mixed well and then i did so and mixed it.

Here is the grill with quite thick layer of iron paint.



So, after an hour, the iron paint dried as it should and then i applied some sprays of rusting activator.

Here is the grill with the activator in the sun.



Some minutes later the rust is starting to be visible!! :D:D



So, i let it cure for a bit while i'm working on the rear i/o panel. I did a looking in my warehouse and found some spray cans i forgot long ago!!

Among them, was a can of primer so i didn't think much and put it in the cause!! Now i am painting the inner side of the panel!!



Now that i let the grill cure, it's time for some final images!! :D:D



I really love that it looks decayed, rusted and old!! More updates soon enough!! Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Last night i wanted to play a bit with the rusting effect and the whole rear panel.




So, here it is with rusting primer applied in some areas.S3920023.thumb.JPG.1416274d7759c38ad672ff5c0e494304.JPG


After i let it dry for few minutes (night and cold, it is better though to play around with this effect during daylight and sun) and then it was ready for the first application

of iron paint.



In this picture i added quite much so i removed a bit of the iron paint.



Here is the iron paint dried.



So, after that, i sprayed where the iron paint was with rusting activator and let it cure overnight.



When i woke up, i saw this result and i have to admit i was quite happy and satisfied with the result!! :D:D



More updates soon!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again! Early in the evening, i decided to add a coat of rust protection to the rear panel and the fan grill!

This particular varnish, has to be thinned a bit with water and stirred well before application.



Here i left the panel dry in the sun



So, next in line was the fan grill to be varnished!




After the panel dried, i decided to add a layer of clear coat.




I wasn't quite satisfied with the result because some debris were in the rust so i had to safely remove those and add some more rust

So, here is the panel finished!



I really love that rusted/decayed look!! :D

Until this one cures, i did another work on the case, which was create a fan hole in the front so the fan will be added between the case and front face panel.

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