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So, as the day went by and the rust activator was drying, i had another job on the case, cut the existing 80mm fan hole to 120mm fan hole. This hole will be made to the front face panel and and aluminum exterior cover.



It's time to mask that spot to create a bigger hole so a 120mm fan will fit.



Now it's time to take some measurements!! The circle is marked out of the metal fan grill beside the case!!




Now it's time to cut using my faithful dremel with speedclic!!S3930022.thumb.JPG.1e8c81b9926a6da8bfcc3e9be8a4c830.JPG


After a long cut, finally the hole has been made!!



So, after all our metal cuts, there always be some or lot of filling!!



Filling done and now it's time to use the "heavy artillery"!! :D



Filling done and took measurement for the fan holes to be drilled!!



Holes have been made and drilled!! :D:D



Time to unmask the case to see and do better filling and detailing!! (In the following image, i added the front face panel to see what will be cutted next and how it is going to look. Furthermore, there will be made some enhancements to the case, as you can see, using heavy duty metal angles so the case won't bend. I will inspect the case in the morning and have a more thorough look  whether it needs more enhancements or not!!)



More updates in the morning, until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Today i wanted to work on the front face panel and create a tunnel between the first player of the panel and the exterior which is aluminum.

At the beginning, i started cutting the excess plastic which won't be needed when i'm going to start cutting the face panel's plastic.



Here is what i used for that purpose. My faithful dremel with cutting disc.




Here is an image with most of them trimmed and cutted!!



Now, lets get ready for some masking tape!!



At first, i wanted to cut the hole with my dremel but i instantly changed my mind and used a hole-saw attached to the drill.



Now lets get ready for some cutting!! :D



The process went really good and the result is very satisfying!! :D




What's left in the hole-saw!!



Now, i decided to widen the fan holes to attach a test fan and see how it looks.



Here is the fan attached!!



Then i added the face panel (with the aluminum) and took a picture from behind.



Here are some pictures taken from the front!!



What i'm planning next is to create a tunnel between the plastic panel and the aluminum part and use fireglass hair!!



More updates soon enough!! Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Today i decided to work on the front face panel. What i did was taking the hole-saw and creating a hole in the aluminum exterior panel.S3950002.thumb.JPG.96361f41553112d38f8e929a1d7f731e.JPG



In the meantime, i had to change the drills to another....mine....tired!!



Here are the leftovers of the aluminum!! Lots of debris!! :D Job's done!!



Now i had to trim a bit the circle with my faithful dremel!



Here is the face panel on the front and back.



Now, a test image with the grill placed! Looking great!!



What i had to do next was to remove the upper cover of the aluminum panel and the one below to remove the extra plastic which is detachable!!



The size of the bit i used to remove the screws!



The panel before removal!



And after!!



So, now, next step is to create a tunnel between the fan and the exterior!!

More images soon!! Peace Brothers!!

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So, here we are again, this time adding some fiberglass!! :D

We i used to do the job!! :D



Next i had to cut cloth/fiberglass hair into stripes to fit better in the cutted circle.



Here is the fiberglass ready to be preped!!



Mixture is ready to be applied!! :D



First layer applied and left to dry!!




I also fixed the side usb/audio/firewire ports which i don't need them!!




First layer is left to dry in the sun!!



In the meantime i had to fix something in the front face panel and the second layer applied few hours later after it was trimmed and here is the result!!

Further trimming and detailing will be done in the morning so it will not remain as it is!!



More updates soon, until then, Pace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! After a long weekend and day-off, today i decided to trim the fiberglass i added on Friday.



As i was trimming it, a hole was revealed in the fiberglass and had to trim it a little further.

What i instantly thought was not apply another layer of fiberglass as it would be thicker and it would take quite long to cure and harden, so what i did was adding the same effect i did to the case to the tunnel, so i made it look melted by adding fiberglass paste along the tunnel.



Here is with fiberglass paste applied.



In the meantime, i was testing how the fan grill will fit on it and realized that i had to sand down the excess fiberglass that was going out of the face panel.

Lot of dust!! :D That's what "fiberglass sanding" is all about!! :D My faithful dremel does its job more than decently!! :D



Here i sanded a bit the 2 o'clock corner so it will not be a lot irrelevant to the whole tunnel!!




And a bit with the face panel detached!



And from behind!



Here i tested how the grill will look applied on the front of the tunnel!



Now it is time to sand the grill a bit down to apply the new paint which will going to be crackles with rust!! :D



More pictures will come later on today, until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Today was the day I worked specifically on the front face panel and the tunnel I created.

So, first things first, it was time to sand the excess fiberglass of the last night so the fan grill would sit properly.



Here is from the back.



So let's start sanding a bit the edges using my faithful Dremel!!



Here is an image with the face panel attached to the case!



Now let's see how it will look with the fan grill!



Some more detail sanding!



Now let's take some measurements and make some holes!



Holes are marked and ready to be drilled!



Now let's drill using a center punch and the faithful drill!!



Holes are made!



Usual fan screws won't fit there and I had to widen the holes!



Now let's make some screw threads!



Because the previous one wasn't correct I used this one!



Screw threads were made and the fan grill is screwed down to the face panel! It doesn't matter if the screw holes weren't successful as long as it stands properly with two screws diagonal! My intention was not to make the screws visible but cover them with the effect that's why I used only two!



Now I'm ready to apply the effect around it!



Here is the grill with first pass of fiberglass paste!



More will be applied soon enough until it's finalised!! Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Today in the morning, i started adding some effect using fiberglass paste in the tunnel i made.

I cleaned the wood that i am mixing fiberglass and putty so it's like new!



Now it's time to make the mixture!



So, here in the tunnel with a second pass of fiberglass paste! (The fiberglass on the logo is placed purposefully for a better result!)



So, after that layer dried, i made some more and filled some gaps!




Next, i decided to apply a layer of primer to see how it look with paint applied!



Next thing, was to assemble the whole face panel with the masked door to see how it looks!



In the back of my head, i hadn't the intention to make the tunnel and the fan look like turbine (again), so i thought to try it finally!

The "cause" for that turbine effect are those r/c airplane spinners!

I have 4 of them and two kinds, so i tried two (one from a kind!) to see which one would look and fit better!



So, in order for the spinners to stick on the fan, i used a glue gun for that purpose (temporary solution though as my intention was to remove them safely and attach the other one!)



As i had the glue gun in the wall outlet to heat, i firstly took the blue one and trimmed it a bit because its base was deeper and had to cut the excess plastic!



For the job, i had to recruit my faithful dremel using the leftovers of a speedclic!! :D



First pass of trimming/cutting and here is the result! (It's not very smooth this part because i made it just to see how it looks, it doesn't sit very well on the fan)



And one with the face panel attached!



The result is quite promising and because i had another "contestant" i wanted to try it also!

Here is glued to the fan!



Because that spinner is longer than the other, it was touching the logo before the face panel was completely attached to the case, so i instantly removed and focused on trimming the blue one!

So, first things first, i sanded and trimmed the fan's base and the screws and the result is this!



Next thing is to attach it on the fan!



I instantly attached the face panel and the result is very satisfying and promising!! :D:D



The looks of the applied effect on the edges was not ending properly so i decided to add some more effect and finalize it!

Again using some fiberglass paste!



Final pass on the edges because there were audio, usb and firewire inputs and wanted to cover them and remove every gap!! Quite promising result!! :D:D



Next thing is to apply a layer of primer and see how it looks later on!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Today was a long day, quite busy and haven't managed to update the log sooner and I wanted to present them all together, so here we are!!


First in the morning came the action figure of the Freeman!!




Next in line was the little surprise I have for the front door of the face panel!! :D



Now, last and not least is my precious Dremel Moto saw which I'll be using to make the lamda logo and the 2 for the side panels!! :D



In the morning, I'll be testing the Moto saw and give another look on the LCD touch screen!! As for the Freeman, I'll unbox him at the end after all the previous tests are made!! More work is going to be made!! Untill then, good night, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! I had to take a day off so i managed  to make a list about what i needed to proceed!!

So, i brought with me my new assistant in the "crime" the Dremel moto saw, the logo i cutted for the side panel and some pieces of acrylic i managed to get!!

To give you a hint, what will be done tomorrow, is cut the lamda's outline, the 2's and then mark the acrylic accordingly so then it will be cutted!!



More will be done tomorrow as it is quite late right now!! Peace Brothers!!


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