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Hello again!! Night time now and doing an update of the whole day!! Since today was a sunny day, it was great to start working on the new tools I got!!

Let's do a slight unboxing and showcasing of the goodies I'm going to work on!!

Some acrylic sheets, masking tape, a razor, the logo template and of course the Dremel Moto saw!!




Zip tie locked!! :D



Here is what lies inside the case!!




Let's now set up the tool!!



Different saw blades and chose this one!! Better for soft materials like acrylic!!



Saw blade attached!!



The tool is ready and now let's focus on cutting the template!! First in line is the lamda, so let's start with the razor!!



The paper is thicker than the rest so I had to do a second pass!!



Now it's time to start masking the acrylic and take measurements!!



Using a pencil I marked the lamda's outline on the masking tape!!



The cutted lamda is not perfect so I had to start filling and sanding it's corners and edges!!




Next, I decided to make another lamda using a marker instead of a pencil!!



The result is ugly BUT, everything can be fixed and made how they are meant to be!!




Next in line was to attach the two lamda's together and sand them both down!!



Not quite perfect right??



Filling and sanding of the lamda's process!! Different files, different purpose!! ;)



Now is the time to cut the 2!! It was quite tricky I must say because of the curves!!



Let's mark the acrylic!!



Here is after the cutting process!!

Ugly right?? The true meaning is not to throw everything imperfect but making perfect something imperfect!! ;)



Detailed and sanded with 80 and 100 gritt sand paper and some hand files!! I'm really happy and satisfied with the result!!



A little showcasing in the night time!!



Next I decided to make another 2 of the logo!!

I added some double sided tape between the acrylics to stay still!!



At the end of the day, lots of filling and sanding has been made and in the morning more detailing and sanding will be done!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Two days of working and quite many things happened!! So lets start!!

Day one, i decided to make the third piece of acrylic using the first 2 as a template!!




Cutting might not be very perfect, but there is always the sanding!!



In the meantime of the sanding, i decided to make the third piece of the lamda using the previous ones as a template!!



Here the cutting is not very perfect but as i mentioned before there is always the sanding!!



Next step was to apply double sided adhesive tape on the legs of the lamda to stick them together and sand them all down!!



Few minutes of sanding!!



In the meantime, i was looking around my desk and found a key-lock which i am definitely thinking of using it on the case, but i don't have the proper key, who said we can't mod an already acquired key?? :D



Day two, it was complete sanding the acrylic day, so first things first, i decided to sand and perfect the three pieces of the 2 logo!!

Again, i used double sided adhesive tape to stick them together!!




Attached all together!!



So now, lets start sanding and cutting the excess acrylic using my faithful dremel!!



For some details, i used that bit!!



Here are the pieces finalized!! All that remains now is tear them apart and apply a two element glue!!



Next thing was sanding down the lamdas!!



Next, i decided to start making the housing for the lcd screen in the face door!!



I took measurements and found out the center of the face!!



Next was getting the half length of the lcd screen using a digital calliper!!



Next was marking the face door!!



So lets start cutting!! I used, at first, what was left of the previous speedclic!!



Few minutes of cutting and that happens!! :D



So, i changed the cutting disc to a new one and kept going!!



After quite long cutting and lots lots of debris, the cut has been made thankfully but in every metal cut we always some filling!!



Now it's time to bring this kind of bit to the filling process!!



This bit wasn't very adequate so i removed it sticked to the classic files, so after long cutting, trimming, filing and destroying a speedclic, the lcd screen has made her way to the door panel!!



What i realized today was, this aluminum destroys the reinforced discs for fun and it makes lots of debris, so respirator and safety glasses is very hard to use at once, so choose what's safer for you!! Tomorrow and on, i will be making some more acrylic logos of the lamda the the 2 so be patient!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Not much done these days because I had preparations with my band for a live!! Well let's gets down to it!!

So, first things first, I got the 5.25" bays to see how the figure will actually look like inside!!



Next thing was tear down the drive locks!!



Next thing was to cut the holders of the plastic locks!!




The Freeman observes the process!! The judgement is going to be harsh!! :D



Next I decided to cover the side with acrylic!! So, I took measurements with a calliper at first!!



Next I took a piece of acrylic and masked it for further marking!!



The cut was a failure and re did the whole process after I broke a saw blade and replaced it with a harder one!!



This is the new part which I had to do on it quite a bit of filling until it comes into shape!!



Sanding and filling goes on!!




Here is the final piece, needs some minor adjustments but it fits properly!! What will be done next is to sand it down and paint it with the plastic bag technique and apply the game logo on it maybe using a technique too!! :D



More minor cutting and further modifications will be done tomorrow!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Last night was primering the front face panel!!S4100001.thumb.JPG.cffa214e8e77227945ca8f63d1273749.JPGS4100002.thumb.JPG.6613bc95b5c896178e2a6154b91040f0.JPG


Here is the result!!



Since I hadn't with me the main spray cans for the crackle effect, I decided to make something similar but not running off the main color theme but different paint pattern!!

Face panel and side covers are painted differently, so now what I am intending to do is try to fuse those two techniques together and not make the whole result look ugly and irrelevant as the matter of painting goes on!!


What goes now, is paint the face panel a quite thick layer of orange!!



After that is let it dry for a couple of minutes so the next layer of black matt color is applied!!

At first I thought i would get the crackle effect but I didn't!! :( So what I thought instantly was re apply the main colors and create another effect I was working on these days, that is the plastic bag effect!! What it is all about is to create layers of colors and as it is still wet you apply a plastic bag on it and remove it seconds later to create a random and abstract effect on the paint!! So my next step was to cover all the face panel with black matt and instantly apply a plastic bag on it and the result after some detailing is this!! More than satisfying and promising!!!! :D:D



I couldn't post this update without showing the "suspects" for that effect!!



What comes next, is doing some minor detailing in the 5.25" bays where the Freeman is going to be placed!! Cpu is ordered which is a Phenom 2 1100t!! I don't intend to have a perfect surface anywhere, so any minor bumps or excess fiberglass and putty is acceptable as it is part of the whole concept!!

Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! I was trying to recover these days so oi apologize for not updating frequently!!

So, lets get back to it!! To day was the day i worked a bit on the door panel and the effect around the lcd screen!!

So, here i took the masked door panel and unmasked it at first!!



Next thing was to figure out how i will create the effect around the screen bezel without ruining the lcd itself!! So what i did, was covering the screen with a plastic bag and putting it where it should be placed that way when the effect will dry it will be easy to remove the screen for painting!!



Next i took the remainings of a fiberglass paste can and did the first pass and then did a second pass  with more fiberglass applied!!



Here is the door panel with the effect applied!!S4120007.thumb.JPG.bbf9c6bf219b6f45d1d6be373b8604c3.JPG


Here is with the bag removed and i must say it is very satisfying!! :D:D



Here is with the lcd attached!! I think is better than i imagined!!!! :D:D

It doesn't matter if the lcd bezel is visible it is better like this!!



More details will be applied later on tomorrow like painting!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Yesterday was the day to make two of the pieces i needed for the other side panel which they are going to be placed mirrored on it!



So, first i took the previous Lamda i made and marked the masked acrylic!!



Next i took the 2 and marked the acrylic as well!!




Cutting process went really well on both because the previous saw blade broke and replaced it with a harder one!!

Here are all the pieces the perfected and the newly cutted waiting to be finalized!!



As you can see there aren't many differences between the finalized and the newly cutted!! Soft saw blade makes the difference!! ;);)

Later on this night will be doing some details on the lamda and the 2 and tomorrow will be cutting more of those, until then Peace Brothers!!

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Hello again!! Today I run into some trouble with the door panel and the fiberglass effect i made around the LCD screen!! The fiberglass was starting to remove itself from the aluminum panel and had to enhance it with some liquid fiberglass mixed with some putty!!



Next step was to create the mixture!!



And then applied in the cracks and all of the panel!!



So what i'm doing next (after it dries) is re apply a layer with fiberglass paste in it instead of putty for more durability!! 

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Hello again!! I was told that what I did was not enough because fiberglass couldn't stick very well on metal surface and had to reinforce the area around the effect of the LCD screen!!

So first I took a reinforced hair I had and applied some fiberglass!!



Then I added some normal hair to reinforce it better with fiberglass of cource!!



It has been reinforced almost everywhere so tomorrow i might do some cutting and sanding on it (after I let it cure overnight) and probably adding some effect, until then Peace Brothers!!


Another happy part of the day was that the cpu finally arrived!! What I am talking about is a Phenom 2 1100t 3.3ghz!! It's going to be an exciting time!! :D:D


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Hello and good morning!! Last night was cutting and trimming the edges of the fiberglass made the night before!!

So, lets get started!! First i took my faithfull dremel with the speedclic disc on it and cutted the excess fiberglass along the face panel door outline!!



First few minutes of cutting!!



After that it was time for some more detailing!! I used the stone bit for the dremel!!



After that for even more detailing i used some 60 and 80 gritt sandpaper!!



Later on today will be done some more sanding and filling the holes with some fiberglass paste and might adding some more effect into the face panel's door area!! Until then, Peace Brothers!!

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Hello and good morning!! A few minutes ago i did some digging and recovered some of my good old goodies which i'll be using here!! What i'm talking about is an Enzotech cpu waterblock, an EK waterblocks tank with pump top mounted, an Ocool pump with the previous top i have and of cource the Phenom 2 1100t!! Those items were previously used in another water cooled case mod i did and i will be restoring their past state or even....painting them!! :D:D



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