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Hi all 

This is latest progress for Battleship project.




I manage to put  reservoir and radiator which is its follow what i plan earlier . unfortunately i need 1 more reservoir to be put into battleship model . 

For now i put GTX460 gigabyte for just only dummy , as now i waiting my GTX980 to slot into it .  Will update for it later . see u guys soon . 


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Hello guys 


i gonna update about WC that i planing to put . 

here is thermaltake reservoir from pacific RL240 , beside tt is barrow reservoir . 




and i printed/copy the tt cap/bracket 




And here is latest picture whole assembly , two reservoir already on model  , got more part need to setup , hope i can settle that fast . 





10 days to go !!! good luck to all !! 



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On 4/30/2017 at 0:03 AM, HammanChronicle said:

hi , this is update for undercoat/color apply 



Area mana ni Bro ? :) 


Applying ram and processor 








Time ticking on ... cant really writing , hope picture can do  ^ ^ . 

will update more asap 



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