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Scratch Build: Rey's Speeder


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Got the base painted over the holiday weekend!  

Took a while to sand it down, add glazing putty to fill in all the divots and other non-rock-like depressions, then sand again.


After prepping, I coated the whole thing with some stone textured paint I found in my paint cabinet.  Looks pretty good already, but doesnt match the desert environment of Jakku.


So after that dried, I started airbrushing multiple shades of earth-tones in a mostly random fashion.  I concentrated the darker shades in the lower valleys, and the lighter colors on the peaks and raised areas.  Then I went back over with a really light color using the dry-brush technique to bring out the texture.


A close up shot of the vertical part.  I think it turned out pretty sweet!


Next up is painting the keyboard and mouse to match the case.  More to come!


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Almost done with the Corsair peripherals..

Here is the keyboard and mouse that Corsair sent over.. the Strafe RGB and M65 Pro mouse.


After some minor disassembly and masking, I scuffed up the surfaces to be painted, then the usual prime coat/red base/yellow stripes.


After a few days of curing, I went over everything with steel wool to dullify the paint and take the sheen off. Then it was just a matter of airbrushing a light sand color over it all to mute the colors even more, and adding some dirt and grime here and there.


Close up of the mouse.


I will probably go back over some areas with a rust color for an additional layer of weathering.


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Getting the Speeder set up on my desk, transferring all my data and games. This is probably the first time I haven't had to scramble before a LAN just to get it running in time, hoping nothing goes wrong when I push that button lol.  ..then having to spend the first day there loading all my games and stuff.  Woot for being ahead of schedule for once!! :D



My daughter took it upon herself to add a couple riders on the Speeder, as it did look kinda empty without someone, or some thing, piloting it lol..


I keep adding more detail here and there.. The front grill felt like it needed something, so I dirtied up a Geforce Garage badge :P


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