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I've been working away meaning to an update for the past 4 days. 




I turned my attention to finally start lasering the Upper Main Frame pieces. This section of the case is where the motherboard and video card will be mounted. 






There are 5 of these Frame pieces. 




I mounted the Power Supply onto its plate and found that is was causing the acrylic to bend. So I went ahead and re-designed its mounting plate for added support and it is what is being cut here.




My file was completely right and I was missing a cut out on the lower side in this picture. After some careful layout placement I was able to cut out what was missing.




With the new piece cut, it was time to mount the power supply. I was going to radically mod out the power supply but I took a step back and looked at it and found it quite appealing in its current configuration. 




Back to ThinkBox to finally finishing off the cutting for the Upper Main Frame section. I ran out of Black Cast Cell and I had to order another sheet of 4 x 8'. 




These pieces will Wrap the other Main Frame pieces that were shown above. 




Current state of the build this past weekend.




To mount the Reservoir, I designed in Solidworks these blocks. I thought about making them out of metal but material theme of the case is acrylic! This case will be about to hold 4 Reservoirs, though, I doubt it will ever truly see 4. 




Mock up and time to drill and tap. 




Drilled the holes for the Res and placed the mounting block and marked for some holes.




Had to add these washer, because the spacing distance between layers is 20mm. For the outer brackets to fit correctly, I need the spacing distance to correct.




Outer Brackets bonded into place. These brackets holds the frames together and is the support for anything mounted above it.




A view of the Res mounting block. What also can be seen here is that I need a 90 degree power supply cable! 




Current state of the build with one Reservoir mounted. 


Until next time:dremel:

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Weekend Update.


I've been working away on 3 projects so my time has been limited on work log update. The work hasn't slowed down on Proxima and I'm nearing the end of construction. 

I'm also going to updating the work log with design renders from Solidworks. 




Got the motherboard plate cut out. Drilled the holes for the brass supports and marked off where the main frames are suppose to be bonded into place. 




This was a tricky task of bonding. I should have created a jig. The whole Main Upper Frame will be supported and bonded by many pieces holding it together. 




My spacing tool. :eyebrow: 




Got 4 frames bonded in place. The next step is to bond and mount the Side Frame pieces. 

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Solidworks Design Renders




The Radiator Assembly




A head-on view. 




Middle Frame Assembly. The mock-up on the power supply. I wish the modding community had a more vast library of CAD files online. 




A head-on view. 


I think one of the really cool aspects of this case that makes it unique is that when you change what angle you're looking at the case the look and feel of the case changes. 


I like to think of this design as a free-flow design. In trying to blend complex with simplicity while also trying to achieve good performance from the parts in the case. 


I use to bury my radiators in my case and try to direct the airflow. This case is a big departure for me because now the radiators while buried are very open to air-flow. It will be interesting to see what type of lighting effect the case gives off when finally powered up. 


Until next time:dremel: Thoughts??

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Trying to get the case done in the next week and half so I can get professional photos taken of it. 




Ran into a problem! The Upper Main Frame where the motherboard sits causes the Middle Frame Section to sag and bend. I had to go create these extra bracket support pieces. The design looks good in Solidworks, but in real life, not as planned. 




Placement of the bracket pieces. 




With the Upper Main Frame sitting stable, I was able to finally go ahead and start mounting the Outer Frame Side pieces. These provide additional support to rigidity and stablility. It also gives a certain aesthetic look to the case. 




I had to take into consideration about installing and un-installing part if I need to. 




Originally the front of these were straight but I re-designed and put a triangle design onto the front for a better look. 


Until next time.

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Got to work last night bonding the brackets for the Upper Main Frame assembly. 






I was originally going to re-design these so that a bolt would hold the Upper Main assembly into place with this bracket. I ultimately decided that the Upper Main assembly would sit into place in the bracket without any bonding or fastening. The fit is pretty tight into the slots. 




Bonded the first one and used these spare pieces from the pump support bracket to help me properly align and bond the other bracket. 






The Upper Main assembly somewhat fitted into place. Only 2 of the main frames are used in the bracket. The other 3 float in the air and are supported together by all the other pieces. 


Until next time:dremel:

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Hello! Closing in on the final week of building before the May 3rd deadline. On the list that still has to be done is sleeve the power supply, finish mounting some hardware, run the rigid tubing, finish bonding the Upper Side Frame pieces, photography, and assembly.  

Went to Microcenter over the weekend and picked out my motherboard. With the results of AMD Ryzen and its cost, to me it was the only logical way to go with my next system. 




I've always had Asus products in my build. IMHO, there great products that hold up over time and I've had every little issues with. 




Second pic with my GTX 480 video card:worried:. Old technology. I just don't have $500-1000 to drop right now on something top of the line. I had an SLI setup in SSR-X so I just pulled the second card for this build. 




I spent the good part of last night peeling off all the acrylic protection covering for the middle frame assembly. I need to bond into place these support brackets, so I figured what the heck lets get this over with now. Busy week ahead, so I took an extra moment to save some time in the long run. 




I also bought some Air Blaster cans. There is dust and stuff all over the case. 


You can start to get a glimpse of what the case will look like when the wrapping is all taken off. The black acrylic is actually transparent while the Red is more translucent. 


I did that because I wanted the light to shine through the black and reflect off the red. It exposes depth and shadow while still attracting your eye to the edges and providing solid barriers for confinement. 




Bonded the top of the Main Side frame pieces into place. I actually flipped the whole assembly upside down. I'll be working on these side frame pieces today. Which is the last of the major components to be built out. 


Busy week ahead! Until next time:dremel:

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I found trying to mount and bond together the Upper Frame Side pieces to be quite tricky. So I tried something new in trying to bond it together.




Instead of having the pieces mounted on the case on than bonding it together, I marked the location where the support brackets are to be bond to the side pieces and than bonded. 




Side view of the construction. I also used various pieces of material to help with proper placement and tolerance.





All 4 pieces bonded into place on the bracket. 






After mounting the assembly into place, I saw that the side frame pieces were not straight! In theory, it looked like it would work in Solidworks for mounting, it was the weight of the frames that were sticking out that was causing the issues along with inadequate mounting. 




Went back and added in another mounting bracket in the middle and check all my bonded connections. 




Another pic of the problem. 




It came down to scrapping the whole assembly or creating a secondary mounting bracket.  I thought long and hard about both. I thought about a hanging bracket, inside bracket, outside bracket, though, I wanted a bracket that would flow with the case. Something minimal too. This is what I created.




Nice and straight like I want it. 




Next up is mounting the motherboard and the side frame pieces next to it. Than onto Tubing and power supply sleeving. 


Until next time. :dremel:

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Closing in on the end of assembling the case. 


This past weekend I spent much of my time, sleeving the power supply and looking over installing the tubing. 




Bought these bad boys from Performance PCS. I decided to go with rigid tubing for the first time in all my case builds. 




To contrast nicely with the overall look of the case. The colors will also let me follow water flow. Red being Hot and Blue being Cold. 




Installed on the radiator. 




Got the pump sleeved and installed the fittings. I'm going to look around for other connector tops to replace those generic black ones. 




Measuring out the cables and figuring out there routes.






I used tape as marker for where to cut the lines. 


All for the moment. Until next time. 

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The end is very close.  I've been very busy working away at completing the build. 



Got the power supply mounted over a week ago and sleeved the entire case. 




The hookup's for the radiator fans. Bought all three leads together to make one connection and reduce down on the electrical clutter.




After sleeving most of the power supply, I started to work on tubing the entire build. This is my first build where I'm using rigid tubing, which, has become quite popular recently.

This is just regular Acrylic tubing from Mcmaster Carr.  






Tubes inserted. 




The area right next to the power supply is small. What you see here in this pic is an Extra Video Card cable tucked away taking up most of the space.




Than I ran into this weird problem. My ATX connector is not snapping all the way into place. I checked each connection and I also re-checked with the default connector I cut-off and it was kinda of tough to snap in. 


I'm wondering if it is either the board or my connector. Anybody else have this problem with ROG boards? If its my connector, I'll have to cut the connector off and re-do the whole thing. 

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Final pics are going to be taken in the next couple of days. This is the render of the Main Assembly part of the build, where the motherboard and video cards will go.






When looking head on, the case takes a drastically different perspective and look. 

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