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Radioactive Void


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Here's the case frame. You'll notice 4 stubs on the top and bottom; these are the points that attach to the vents. Currently I'm using a dremel metal brush to rough up the aluminum before painting.


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Since the last post, I've done a number of things. I took a temperature sensor and swapped the molex power connector with a two pin connector and sleeved the cable. This will be mounted in front of the motherboard tray. The button on the left is a latching switch to change between C & F.



I also added lighting to the main frame and connected it to the motherboard tray with a fan connection in the event I need to detach the tray.





Update: just started taking the old case apart to move parts over to the new case. It served me well....  (until it started to fall apart)


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So I started putting together everything. As you can see in the rear panel picture, the GPU is viced in with metal tab holding it from below and pushing it up against the acrylic frame. From the top there's a sheet of rubber and a bump in the metal tab to prevent any wobbling of the card.


From Amazon I found these wire clips with double sided tape that'll work nicely for cable management. However the tape was weak and I used tip ties since the loops are on the small side. To get around the weak tape issue, I just used crazy glue instead.


I also did some test lighting and it looks pretty cool.


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Just did a test with the panel on. Unfortunately I fried the circuit that charges the battery for the power button. Going to need to replace the Arduino Fio board that controls it. I made the stupid mistake of plugging the molex while the power was on and I plugged it in reverse (5v <->12v... X_X). On the + side, everything else seems OK.


Since animated lights aren't the best to pick up with a cellphone camera, your not seeing it all, but it gives you an idea.







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So things briefly came to a halt after the water block LED controller broke off, but I've fixed that.


Before:                                                                                                 After:




Right now I'm just waiting on some cable extensions before I fill the reservoir and boot it up.




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So while I wait for those final cables to come in, here's a little preview of the final product:


The interesting thing is when it's off, it's just a mirror finish black block and when on, you get to see the internals.


Here's what remains of the old case (it's been slowly falling apart, acrylic isn't the best support material):


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