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GG Tsunado


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  • 4 weeks later...

It's pretty close to completion now so I best get writing!


Base build for the PC inside began with my little ITX motherboard, some G.Skill ram and a coolermaster 140mm fan to go onto my radiator = 


Using hard tubing to raise my pump/res combo above the cpu waterblock I continued to stack components


Standoffs and more hard tubing scraps funneled upwards to secure the rad on top, I swapped out my 140mm for a nice JetFlo 120mm :)



The soft tubing was going to need a support as I did my first coil check so I got out the bioshock drill and set to work on some hard cardboard


Turned out I needed 20 meters of soft tubing to create the "case" for the build! Glad I didn't use glass this time around :/



With 20 meters of soft tubing coiled up around a garden spire for shaping I've begun to add silcon now, will update with more pics :)

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With the tube shaped I've now silconed the bottom, I've left the top 5 layers of coil flexible for when I put the PC in. This gives me two options, I can have the motherboard exposed as the base or hide everything inside the tornado #choices



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I had a play around this morning with the whole PC inverted inside the Tsunado, looked cooler with motherboard exposed beneath so I set out to build up and through :) This meant I had to pull my silcone apart in the middle to make things easy but everything stayed pretty solid (considering the weight that was sweeeeet!)


From there I just #Jenga stacked again asking a couple of friends for some extra hands to help re-attaching the top half as it was a little tricky getting around the res


All stacked now, I'll re-apply silicone to set and then connect the PSU under the mobo annnnddd we're pretty much done!



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