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[FINISH] The Red Hat [Hidraulic's System]


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Hello Everyone.. I'm Raka from Indonesia


                                                             --------------- WELCOME AND THANKYOU FOR FOLLOW MY WORKLOG -------------------

                                                                          --- The Legend Series Of Cooler Master Case with Mid Specification ---



This is my personal computer, I want to make this chassis look more attractive. Because I think the coolermaster stacker case is suitable for modification and has a sturdy design of thick aluminum material.

The Red Hat project that I made will change the concept of the casing type with the old model to be a newer model. I will change it slightly to the casing with acrylic. The front of the casing for airflow, then to the left and right sidepanel we replace it with a piece of acrylic with wing style to open it like a supercar with the help of hydrolics system. Some panels and pillars that I will cut to facilitate the management of the cable, so the cable cable will be easily installed on the back or side of the motherboard. Some also we will install assesories such as fans, led, etc. For outdoor display we will make by playing window film, cutting sticker, and knick-knacks as a complement.

I still can not tell you all the details but I will continue to display any process into my worklog. And you will be able to enjoy all the stages of the process.

We look forward to any feedback or comment to Red Hat if it is unacceptable and please note due to the lack of preparation and limitations in this series of Case Mod events.


Thank's Cooler Master


Specifications My Pc Rig:

CPU                   : Amd Phenom x6 1055T

Motherboard     : Asus Rog Crosshair IV Formula

VGA                   : Palit Geforce GTX 275 series

RAM                  : Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 16GB 

SSD                   : Pioneer SSD 120 Gb 

Case                  : CoolerMaster CM Stacker Black

PSU                   : Corsair Hx1000 Watt.

Cooling             : Cooler Master X6

Fan                   : Enermax Tb Appolish 12cm 1pcs, Da Orkaan 12cm 4pcs, Cooler master 12cm 1pcs, Thermaltake 8cm 1pcs, Corsair Ram cooler 1pcs

Cable sleeving  : Mod custom 

Hidrolic             : Pneumatic 100N




 wcooler-master-logo-black-middle1-450x400.jpg.6af4afadbb3ba26fc90752b51e71764e.jpg      149681asusrog.png.daa9a9fef870fccb520b74812e077ae0.png   0112_logo_enermax1.gif.94d8bcdc0158ee0f511ed87b0c40aed3.gif     58e5224c88c30_download(1).png.d32fd4d0d329f2eba56f435d25eb33e7.png    nvidia-logos.png.093235b631e8d65ecc4afb000705b7bd.png   download.jpg.5e9eda1490336a98844aec95596b740f.jpg  download.png corsair mini.png





   ------------------------------------------- WELCOME AND THANKYOU FOR FOLLOW MY WORKLOG ---------------------------------------



Prepare for Toolkits first.. Pray before work.. and use the tool as its function and safety as a primary!


Keep on it.. Thankyou..



                                                                                           ******** Progressive Progress results *********

                                                                                          The Red Hat [Hidraulic's System]




















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The next step.......


I release the locking plastic parts, aluminum and other supporting components that are not on the main part of the casing. Due to not hit the paint later time I will do the painting chassis.




Then I measure and make powersuply cable lines.




I will make the SSD or hard drive on the right motherboard. and then I will make a hole for easy sata cable and power in the arrangementIMG_2617.thumb.JPG.793619a15f19c4f92f4dfca92b5ace62.JPGIMG_2637.thumb.JPG.b999a04ee245e3c232582960d6d6ac80.JPGIMG_2638.thumb.JPG.ae84506b784ace766f3fddcef6b6e8bd.JPG




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Now I will make mounting bolts for each of each body acrylic, and make it become increasingly clear picture




One Hole One Bolt... :grin:




Drill... Drill... and Drilll again.... 

[Drill the Acrylic one]



Drill the Main Case..




Next Step....


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Maybe something like this.. :D 



source : https://www.google.co.id/search?q=supercars+doors&espv=2&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQ1_6C6YDTAhWGm5QKHf1TArsQsAQIGA&biw=1920&bih=935#imgrc=dfExTVkikvOObM:



Hidraulic Adjustable Stabilizer Kit I have prepared.. I need two pairs to be installed on the right and left of the chassis.. But I still needed something to pair,, attached the end of the casing and the other mounted on the side panel acrylic sheet.. :roll: .....thinking..






I tried to measure the hinge and the base so that the stabilizer can move as it should.IMG_2582.thumb.JPG.8245a0b10b66b02ad793f6dfbd003863.JPG


After searching for an idea I got a lock on the motorcycle accessories store. and this lock can rotate 360 degrees as a hinge.IMG_2587.thumb.JPG.57e88ed9108ac8b8268c916f2e79f5c2.JPG



I try to install the stabilizer acrylic and the casing




holder for retaining stabilizer we have designed ..







And back I created a hinge for the side acrylic.


Thankyou for follow and see my worklog.. 

wait for the next update guys... :grin:




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Hi .. progress is still ongoing .. and closer to perfection ..



The process of cutting the chassis still do to this day. and this is the last thing I was working main cutting casing




back cuts the body over to the installation of the "Red Hat"




After Cutting, I do File down and take sandpaper to smoothing the part section..





for certain parts of the chassis are exposed to grinding .. I would do using a plastic putty steel. so that it will cover the less tidy.




And while progress today was pretty ..




Next Worklog...






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Welcome back,



This progress while we make. stage-by-stage we've done. back I have to prepare materials that will we will raft for modding purposes. before we will test whether all the hardware working properly or not after the work is completed stacker chassis.





back baffled .. must choose between seidon 120 or Cooler Master X6 would use .. :grin:






Sata cable specials from cooler master ..






MOD X Fan Display also will I use to accent





I prepare a wide variety of LED light sticks and strips to create color variations. Controller fan and LED assemblies to facilitate the installation of LED lights, and others







So long time to be dry.. and im still waiting for the paint drying process ...





Motherboard cover design 





Vynil Carbon for main frame.. its purely carbon fibre looks..





Vga GeForce GTX 275x mine is not good looks. and I will make it okay .. including making backpanel vga and others make it look more presentable









And this is a temporary display as far as I make to this day.IMG_2730.JPG



Wait for the next edition as whether the rig pc that I wear and what I later modding .. we wait for the next post .. see you later.

Thankyou for review.. guys..


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I try to remove every part of the side casing




Removing the hook by bending the plate net using pliers




Plate nets and side casing are released




I will make a holder for hinges, bearings, and bolts so that later side panel casing and hydrolic suspension can be installed correctly.. 

Then I cut acrylic with a thickness of 5mm and I made the double to its thickness to 1cm. I do the gluing using acrylic glue. This thing i need to make side casing more out of case.





The next stage I make a hole for bolt holder and hydraulic holder



Specifically for my axles make depth with different drill techniques



Next step ,, i am looking for bearing in auto shop with small diameter size. Which I then got with the size of 14mm diameter




Next Worklog... 
Thankyou for Following...


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