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Project: Fantasy


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Hi everyone! This is our first time in Cooler master case mod world series. We're a father and son team, very excited to participate and having a lot of fun working on the project so far.


Project name: Fantasy


The project is made out of four sections, each one shows the contradiction between reality and imagination:


The bunny jail (right side): Cartoon looking bunnies are imprisoned behind cold, black metal bars.

Fantasy girl (Left side): The girl, symbolizes our desires and fantasies, is covered with dark branches.

The blinded eye (front): The eye, trapped behind bars, is looking at a part of the fantasy girl and blinded by it.

The glass river (top): The metal bars that are used in other sections of the build as a prison are split apart by a glowing river made of glass.





Cooler master case: Centurion

MSI: x99A SLI plus

CPU: Xeon 2630 v4

Memory: 16 GB ddr4 2400MHz

GPU: 2x Asus gtx950 oc2gb

PSu: Cooler Master 850 w+80 gold plus

Keyboard/Mouse: Cooler Master light 

M.2 480 GB

Sundisk ssd plus 240 GB

Seagate barracuda 500 GB 7200 rpm



Work log


General preparations

We started by opening the left, front and right sides of the case, painting the inside of the container black, drilling holes for wire holders and water-cooling (Cooler master Neptune 240) and adding Noise isolating material.

We also started preparing LED lighting, which will be included in every part of our build.





*Left side



*Right side



*Front side



*LEDs connected to the computer




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The Bunny Jail - Right side


The metal bars are a theme in our build, for the bunny jail we cut a 35cm piece and used magnets to connect it to the right side of the case.


*Cutting the bars for the jail cell



*Connecting the bars to the right side of the case with magnets.


In Addition we blocked the sides with black pieces of wood.



*Testing how the wood would look on the sides



*The wooden blocks drying after we sprayed them black.


The imprisoned bunnies - we made a few of them and photo-shopped them so they would look a bit different from one another (however they're all grumpy, can't blame them).



 *The bunnies before printing, the heads and bodies are different layers and were printed separately


We printed them as stickers and stuck them on plexiglass, then painted their back white so they would look better with the LED.



*The bunnies after printing, stuck to the plastic, heads and bodies separated.



*The bunnies after we painted their back and cut their sides (The left bunny is flipped).


After the paint dried we glued the heads with the bodies, we chose to do it this way instead of just one layer because it has a 3D feel to it.

We also painted a piece of plexiglass black, we'll use that for the background



*The finished bunnies with the black background behind them


We considered a few options regarding the lighting for the bunnies and decided it'll be in front of them above their head (behind the lane) 



*How it looks without the wood blocks and the lights turned off.



*How the back looks


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Fantasy Girl - Left side


The picture is based on a wallpaper that we thought looked pretty cool, we photoshopped it and gave it a shade of light green.



*Original picture.



*After photoshopping.


We also made a separate layer of branches that will go in front of the fantasy girl, and like the bunnies, we printed both of them as stickers.



*Testing how the branches look before printing



*The printed pictures with their unfinished placement behind them.



*The branches stuck to plexiglass


We needed a placement for the pictures so we connected a plastic plate with the left side the case.



*Making the placement


Then we stuck the picture.



We connected the branches to a plastic frame




  We put a bit of space between the two pictures by placing pieces of plastic on the corners between them



*Testing how it looks with the branches.


The sides around the picture looked a bit rough so we painted them black



*The picture after painting the sides, still drying.


 *The branches connected


Then soldered the LEDs in a square shape (the size of the photo) and stuck it to the back of the placement.



*The picture with the LED setup




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The Blinded Eye - Front


For this section we used two pictures:

 .The first one is the eye, the theme of the section

.The second is a part of the fantasy girl, which will be used as background for the eye

We printed both of the pictures as stickers and stuck them on plexiglass.



*The eye before printing



*The background after printing on plexiglass



*The eye and background after printing, stuck to plexiglass.


We used the metal bars for this section as well, this time we cut a 14cm piece, just small enough to fit inside the hole in front.



*The cut piece of metal bars.


     We made the pictures a bit less high than the bars so they'll be able to slide in between them and the back lanes


*Fitting the eye behind the bars


 We tested how the imprisoned eye looked inside the case



*Testing how the eye looks behind bars for the first time.


 We tested how the eye looked with the background and thought the background needs to be more blurry, as if we see the reflection of what the eye sees.


After a few experiments (with the LEDs as well) we decided to put a red filter between the eye and the background, it made the background less visible and the light spread a lot better.




We contemplated as to how much light we should use and whether it should come from the front or back.

 Eventually we decide to make a placement for the LEDs behind the pictures, we'll also drill holes in it and screw it to the inside of the case



*The organized LEDs



*The eye with the filter, background and LEDs behind it


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The glass river - Top


For the river we used a homemade presser to smash glass in different colors to small shards

Originally we considered using various kinds of stones and beads but we think this looks better (Especially with the LED)



*The presser (can put up to 5 tons of pressure)



*The smashed glass


We drew a rough estimation of how we wanted the "river" to look, then used the glass to make the river itself.


*Testing options for the shape of the river



*Final drawing for the shape of the river.


We arranged the glass shards on clear plastic and glued them



*The stuck glass on the clear plastic


We used the metal bars in this section as well, but this time we cut them horizontally so they would fit the shape of the river and be used as river banks.



*The cut bars


 We arranged the LEDs so they would go along the river, cut strips, soldered and glued them together



 Stuck the river over the LEDs while making sure we can connect them to the other sections


DSCN1589.thumb.JPG.df4d7159d0df2bb2b2f2a8f6f1211337.JPG*The river with the LEDs turned off



More updates soon

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