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BAWLS - STH10, R5E, 5930K, Copper Tubing

Gary Murphy

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After examining the interior of the case more thoroughly, I decided that the stock memory heatsink covers were too dull compared to all the shiny chrome around them.


Here is a shot of all 8 Corsair Dominator Platinum memory sticks with the light bar upgrades in their stock finish.




That dull silver textured finish just couldn't do. After hours of sanding and prepping, it was time for chroming. Here is a shot of the stock and shined versions.




Another shot contrasting the differences.




All 8 finished pieces lined up and ready for installation.




The first one is reassembled with the blue light bar insert.




All complete and ready.





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I took the case to Dreamhack Austin and entered it into the case mod contest held by CPU Magazine.


The changes were apparently just what it needed and it took 1st place.


I am in the June edition of CPU Magazine on page 46.



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