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(Scratch Build) Procyon alpha briefcase build


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Hello, I'm a new forums member and a new case modder. I posted about my very first build last month and got the itch to start a new project. This is a classic briefcase build, which I didn't realize had been done so many times until I did a quick search for what I thought was a more original idea. Oh well, it may have been done before, but not by me! The components are all old parts I had lying around, so nothing close to impressive these days. Maybe 12 years ago, but not now. Anyways, it starts with a briefcase I picked up at a local thrift store for $8.


It was quite ugly on the inside, but no worries, I'm going to tear out all of the fabric leaving just a shell.


The next step is to test fitment of all of my components, and well, they seem to fit perfectly! This case was made in 1949, but it seems as if the designers at Samsonite knew that 70 years later some guy would try to stuff a functional PC inside, because I couldn't ask for a better fit considering it was a thrift store find.


Nothing has been secured yet, next week I'll mark where holes need to be drilled and hopefully get started on making cuts for my PSU, optical drive and monitor power cable. I have a video card somewhere that would fit the era of this system, I just need to dig it out of another test system.


Merry Christmas everyone!







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