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soundzen elite 110


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i fancy the newest cheap coolermaster H100 case as a next upgrade





but i would love to have some glass sides like the cool TermalTake V1 which is bulkier than my actual CM elite !!!




lately ive been dreaming of a bigger and more expensive open-air mount, where cable management and space is not a problem... only dust and hits !!!

no protection at all... cooling at its best !!! the MINI HYDRA metal plate.



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so, what else can i improve among CASE, KEYBOARD, MOUSE, MB, CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD ???


1) when money allows, i´ll check back on modular green sleeved CABLES - once i decided for a case and know the distances for cable management.


2) ive already upgraded the GPU 1660 and RAM 16gb, but upgrading the CPU implies probably a new MB which implies new RAM (endless tail-bite), and thats a no-no moneywise!


3) maybe a faster SDD disk - already have Crucial 500Gb with a R/W of 560/510 Mbs and 80% free space, so no need to touch there, really.


4) as for installing a SSD M.2 stick, im afraid is not compatible with the INTEL OPTANE slot (optane is expensive and wont improve my pc performance, with its tiny memory size) so i wont touch OPTANE either.


5) ive bought a neat and heavy key-personalization CoolerMaster CK350 keyboard, along with a basic 2-buttons no-RGB, but fast at 16.000CPI - the Endgame XM1 mouse, so im good there on perifericals (but those mouses are the first thing to brake and im used to swap twice a year LOL)


CONCLUSION: my pc works fine, processes fast, speedy enought for my demands in gaming and internet, so what else ???

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As for the previous point #4, about SSD upgrade:


  • Does my MB gigabyte Z370N-wifi, has the correct slot for M.2 stick ???
  • MB info mentions: << There are two 2280 M.2 slots = one PCI Express 3.0 x4 SSD /// one suporting both PCI Express 3.0 x4 and SATA-600. >>




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im trying to figure out how to use gigabyte FUSION app and control the RGB on my new GPU logo...

my MB is not AORUS but why app center mentions FUSION 2.0 when interface aspect shows an older version

app center only lets me control the MB leds, but nothing on GPU... so i installed AORUS ENGINE and ...nothing there !!!


am i missing the plug to an RGB cable from my GPU to the MB ???





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well, i went to my pc store and ordered a new case... not a coolermaster brand, sorry!!! guess i wont do a review no more LOL


Thermaltake core V1 black, with glass panel ...a MITX case with more room for cabling + for a better CPU cooler, than this basic intel one.




my CM power button broke and inside theres is no more clip to hold button in place at front, so i had to jumpstart trough motherboard


how about this CPU cooler? GEMINI M5, from coolermaster of course !!!




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It's a really cool mod. I've been thinking to mod my 110A case as well (the one without mesh front), I want to give it a side window, because I feel like those meshes on the side helps nothing.


Or maybe I should start with just changing the LED of the power button, which is my question. How do you do it? What kind of LED should I look for?

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hi Prastistron, and thanks for replying... yes that window panel would be sweet to see the insides of 110A, and thats whats missing in CM mini itx cases - windows!

yes, you can cut out one easy with dremel if airflow is not a issue to your case.


as for your question i conclude your CM button isnt the colour you want to match your setup... basicaly i went to electronic shop with my CM led in hand, the store guy went right to the drawer and just gave me a green one (after tersting it with a watch batery to see its glow) ...then at home i put it inside the hole of the front CM button and wraped the +/-  electrical cords around each metal poles of the led (no solder needed) - heres a pic below:


so basicly unclip your button, take out the glue holding the led and take it with you to store for a swap 1€... as long as the 2 poles dont touch eachother, youre good!




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