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In the world of LED RGB I though I should try something else!


Both grills is painted on the backside with a semi gloss translucent paint with fine holographic glitter particles.

On top of that I applied a second layer with pure black to act as the background for the hologram.






The result is astonishing and all depending on the applied light and angle of view. Without any direct light or very dimmed down the grills appear just plain deep glossy black.




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Pretty much done planning the entire water cooling loop and it's time to make some cables.

But first an overview showing parts and angles that will be harder to view when fully assembled.

With a small case packed with jummy hardware, custom parts and details it's good to have a proper breakdown showing everything.


Monoblock and parallell acrylic hard tubes viewed from above with the top radiator not in place.

And yes, tubes will be cleaned, fittings perfectly aligned etc. before final assembly :D





A good view of the tubes and my rear mounted fill port. This will allow me to top up the system without taking side panels off.





Majestic Corsair Dominator RGB!





Getting ready to start measuring for cables and choosing the best paths. 


I love how rough everything looks with the protective film still on.

Makes the moment of reveal so much better when it's finally ready to be removed.





The last time I'll see it this empty!


It looks kind of roomy on the inside but with everything in there will be approx 10 mm spacing between parts




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Good cable management starts with proper planning.


With this project I have transparent side panels on both sides of the case and no PSU-shroud to hide cables in.

This means all cables will be fully visible. Very nice if they are properly done but requires alot more effort.


The market today offers you a large variety of custom made cables. Pre-sleeved universal extensions and even custom cables for most of the power supplies out there.

This is awesome for everyone who doesn't want or can't make their own cables. But something that that won't work for me in my tiny SL600Mi.


I will go with another solution making my own custom cables.







PSU located underneath the motherboard is not a very common layout. But it makes for a very short 24 pin almost directly down into the PSU.

To manage my cables in a good looking and strategic way I designed my own comb for a 24 pin 180 degree turn and a spaced holder for 8+6 pin GPU cables.

This design will allow the comb use the cables themselves for stability.


It's fun to use alot of different techincs for this project. Mixing oldschool cutting and welding with this kind stuff.





I had to print a couple of prototypes tweaking my tolerance to match cables perfect.

The comb has to be just tight enough to hold everything in place but also allow me to actually pass through the cables.






Testing a bit thinner prototype before final design and better quality.





I decided to make my cables actually by starting with Cablemod extensions in their Carbon sleeve that I love.

The benefit from buying extension and rip apart is that you get one side of the cable to use. 


The other side is reaarranged according to my PSU pin out style and crimped with new terminals and connectors.

My style of combination cable comb makes it a bit more complicated as every cable must be checked and made according to the right length inside the case.

The number of cables and a very short 24 pin also makes it nessesary to attach one cable at the time to get the route right.


Time consuming and requires patience when the cables has to be +-5 mm to look perfect together.

But yeah, worth it!







This view almost want me to ditch the top radiator and put a window up here!



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A clean floor, what a pleasant view.


Finishing up with all power cables and continuing with some RGB connections. PSU, GPU-block and CPU-monoblock will all be synced to the motherboard.

How much light and wich color to use will be decided when I have the PC up and running. 








Cables, pipes and custom covers are all in place!




The moment before panels.


Realized I have some more details to do before I'm fully satisfied.


  • The custom reservoir will get a Cooler Master logo covering the plug.
  • Case feet will be detached and high gloss polished to follow the finish I got inside.
  • PSU will get a custom badge instead of the up side down ROG logo.
  • Not in this picture, but panels will get their finish layer of matte black paint.

Can't wait!



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No way I was about to change the iconic case feet. As panels and feet blend together perfectly I want to keep them.

But silver anodized aluminium does not follow the same finish I got for all other parts.


It's time for some high gloss polish!


Instead of removing the anodizing completely I decided to polish the other parts and keep the anodizing on the inside, creating a two tone dept.

This meant I had to remove it by grinding and sanding instead in a chemical way.




Going through stages of sanding and polishing ending up with that mirror finish I love!




Much more classy and perfect to my Nickel fittings and hologram paintjob on the inside.



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Panels completely finished and blacked out. So satisfied with the effect matte black color has on these panels!


Since the original air flow in this case is from bottom to top I had to make sure all intake air can come through the front radiator instead. The original front panel is closed but I've opened up mine at the section hidden behind the front foot. This section will be used to suck air from below through the front panel as a duct. This gives me no visible intake. When mounting the front radiator inwards and fans out, there's actually a good amount of spacing between them and the front panel. Allowing more than enough airflow for 2x 120 mm fans.





The power button will stay silver as a symbol for this casemod. It's actually the only part of this case that's still intact!





A carefull close up will reveal that the ventilation net on the top panel actually follows the same pattern as my logo.





PSU-decoration made of 2 mm acrylic with laser engraved logo and backpainted with hologram paint.

Protective film still on here and will be removed when mounted at the right place.





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I had prepared with some alternatives regarding fluid for this project.

EK CryoFuel Indigo Violet is a perfect match to their purple Torque accent rings. But it felt like to much neon and aggressive.

Not what I was looking for here.


So I went with mixing my own purple with Mayhems dye and CryoFuel Clear to get this dark deep purple that feels so elegant.

I also love the two tone purple I've now going to get with fluid and accent rings in the fittings. You can actually see the magenta part in the fluid where it breaks the light.





I think this is it! The moment before filling.

I'm all done and ready to fill, configurate and do my final shooting. 

That will completely put everything together regarding overall design, shapes, details and inspiration to manufacture a case like this :)


Thank you all for watching. Keep on doing what you love and good luck in this competition!



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