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Things to know before Sept 30 - CMWS Finals

Ann Ann

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Top things to know before final submission opens on Sept 30


As the contest is almost coming to its final leg, final submissions will be the last thing we will need you to do and it will open on Sept 30 and kept open until the final deadline of Oct 10.

If you have more than 1 entry this year, make sure you complete the process for each of your entries.


1. Complete your worklog 

Your worklog on the forum needs to be complete, showing the entire mod process from start to finish.  This is really important as our judges will be looking at the entire process and give points according to each section.  If something is unclear, it will be very hard to give you the full credit you deserve.


2. Take good quality photos or videos of your mod

Take at least 5 - 10 good quality photos of your mod, keep a batch of clean photos without the watermark and publish online the set with the watermark.


3. Get Social

You will need to share 1 main photo of your finished mod on social media without watermark, with the name of the mod, with a short description of the mod. Use the #CMWS19FINALS


4. Jury panel will be thorough

This year the judges may ask you some questions about your mod in the forum, so be sure to check your messages during the judging phase so you answer all the jury's questions.


5. Public voting is still happening

It is happening but there isn't a people's choice award this year.  Your votes from the public will count towards 10% of your final score.


6. The judges this year will be revealed soon

A lot of you guys helped with some suggestions, the judges this year we tried to be as neutral, and respectable as possible.  Bringing in a range of judges from a various parts of the PC community. Who will they be...dundundun


fox cooking GIF by Masterchef


Got questions? Just message below, lets try to make this as easy as possible :)


Ann Ann


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