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  • Nickel plating

Stainless steel 4mm and aluminum 10mm, 22mm nickel plated finish, the results are very satisfactory.


Motherboard bracket Aluminum 10mm CNC.



Walnut water tank bracket aluminum 10mm CNC.



D5 water pump bracket aluminum 22mm CNC.70584506_2456943634396943_24179972368110




Case external structure Stainless steel 4mm.70278927_2456943554396951_1407027884555570037172_2456943504396956_24379261771222

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  • Grinding and polishing

Because the CNC's knife marks make the surface become matte

The water tank section, using sandpaper #400 to start grinding.
In order #600 #800 #1000 #1200 #1500 #2000 #3000 #5000 #7000 To the surface is completely transparent.
Need a lot of time and patience.
After polishing, finally, spray 3 layers of HS grade transparent protective paint to achieve complete sealing in the entire appearance.


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  • Leather

C700M classic four brackets will cover the leather.

With the overall black design concept, the bracket is polished and sprayed with matt black paint.

Make samples using paper, leave more than 5mm width on the border, subsequent drilling and sewing.




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