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Well hello there. You will know me by name Contay. This is rather late bloomer in the cmws19, but after all, I came this far. I wasn't even sure, would I compete even I registered here, but things went as they are. My original idea was to take then new Q500L (released 5/2019 in Finland) and modify it to better suit my high end, two player virtual system. During past weeks I got hold to myself and kicked things forward once and for all. As I had almost all other parts ready, except few radiators, I decided why not, after all, to compete here.

Here is what I started with, basically. Sad truth is, Zenith suffered some damage and I am running some back up Taichi X399. Good thing I had spare... :P


Complete parts list:

-X399 Zenith is dead X399 Asrock Taichi

-2950X Threadripper, overclocked to the moon

- 8x8GB Gskill Trident Z, black and white, 3200MHz CL14

- Two watercooled Radeon VII, EK block and standard backplate. Chose to use standard backplate for more fitting look in the build.

- EK supremacy TR4 block, Acrylic and Nickel

-Two 280 radiators by EKWB, 30 and 45mm thick units

-Four Noctua 2000rpm industrial fans, 140mm

-Two Cryorig slim 140mm fans

-Three Samsung 1TB 860 Evo SSD for virtual rigs storage drives

-Two Samsung 950 Pro 512GB, one for native boot and other for virtual rigs as OS drive

- SX350 Fusion IoMemory pcie drive, 3.2TB for native boot storage

-Corsais AX1600i to power the beast
-Various watercooling parts in custom loop

-Coolermaster Q500L ready to be butch... Modified


Modification started with simple procedure by removing dust filters from the case:



Modding continued by some slight metal cutting. For slightly improved airflow, you see. Just a little from the top. And sides. And bottom. And rear. To be honest, it has less holes than it had in original shape.


Of course, there had to be something to coat this thing with and I had, from the beginning, chosen the material. Custom parts would be AISI304 stainless steel, lasercut and glass blasted. Well, it was a bummer but my contact for glassblasting faded me so I had to get by with brushed surface. Parts came withing a week from order. Here are parts as they arrived. I later used spinning brass brush in powerdrill to get more matte surface. It looks slightly more industrial and less kitcheny  now as it's not all shiny. Next iteration will definitely get glass blasting.



Before I tore case apart once more, I had to make few test fits and drill rivet holes in the case.



AS you can see, it will feature way more airflow than original design. Currently I just wait the paint get dry, literally.


Posting more soon.

- Contay

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So, after tiny little hickup, 1mm hickup to be precise, I can't fit slimmer rad in the front. Wasted slim fans too there, but on bright side, there will be then six 140mm Industrial Noctuas. As seen from rear view, there are two passtrough ports (AX860i for test fits). System will run downclocked with single thick 280mm rad PBO enabled, but it sure will make noise. However. This is just to show that system is capable or running standalone. It will be hooked in external cooler, which resides in balcony and has autonomous pump and fan speed control. Nice, isn't it?70895046_477046189545596_7775696573219995648_n.png


Sure, it is little frustrating it went this way. Two 28mm thick rads will fit tho. I have to start writing down things "rev 2.0" will improve, if such thing ever happens. Maybe full scratch built?



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