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Termuda Square - BLΔCK MΔGIC


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My name is Nick Van Guth AKA Termuda Square, I was one of last years apprentice league winners and  I’m back for a second year.... but this time I’ve came more prepared then last year,  as I’ve been planning in my mind and with cad modeling since the end of last years event. 


As well as a few things I will be unveiling later, but keeping private for now. 

One rule in modding I’ve always stuck to is remake it till it’s perfect, if it doesn’t look good from 1mm away it’s not worth showing. So this year my build will still be focused on details, but new details !  

This years Mod will be 80% tower mod as 20% scratch Mod, I will be changing up my style from sleek and minimal to dark and creepy and mysterious. 


Main themes - Dark Magic, Gold, Dark, Experimental, greek statues, Along with all new frame parts to cut weight, while maintaining strength of the rebuilt Sl600m chassis.


               - Main tools used -  

- Cnc/auto cad used

- 3D Resin printer - Nova3D

- co2 laser

- Paint booth & paint guns 

- airbrush 

- & more 

             -Products & Sponsors- 

-  CoolerMaster Sl600m 
- CoolerMaster V850 

- Alphacool : Liquid  cooling 

- ModMyMods : Liquid  cooling 

- Gscustomz : Cables 
- HyperX : Memory, Ssd’s 

- Kingstontechnology : m.2 drives 

- Peripherals - CoolerMaster 

- 3D printers and resin ( all supplied by Nova3d )


Social media’s 








And thank you for reading my log, I look forward to seeing what everyone creates.  





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  • TermudaSquare changed the title to Termuda Square - BLΔCK MΔGIC
13 hours ago, Derek Wilson said:

I agree with an appreciate the modding rule of every inch from an inch away the mod should be perfect, and I'm sure Black Magic will be an amazing example of what you can do, can't wait to see you take on this new style!

 Thanks buddy I appreciate it and can’t wait to see how your mod turns out as well broski, been loving the theme your going with. ❤️

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Back with my first log update !


Just want to start off by saying I'm not used to doing build logs but bear with me if I over post or have any grammar errors, as I feel it's only right to show every step of the process instead of just bits and pieces and not let my lack of build log knowledge stand in the way of sharing the process.


Last CMWS i was lucky enough to be one of the apprentice league winners, and with my winnings i got a sl600m and a v850 power supply that i will be using as my starting point.


My first notice when opening the Case was that it was a pretty solid starting point but a little more solid then I wanted to work with, so my brain instantly went into deconstruction mode, and started disassembly of the case.






- Drilling time ! 


Had to break it down to build it up how i wanted, A Sl600M with features that I've never seen before, something that fit me and my style.


Started with drilling all the rivets out to take the frame apart. 


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More thinking ! 


But now to find a way to make it so I could have no front supports but still have the integrity to support everything and still be able to have that beautiful sl600m front panel.


My plan was to get a CNC in the future so might as well learn modeling and this was months back, i took hours upon hours learning fusion 360 because I had a wonderful idea to sturdy up and replace the rear of the frame with a custom distro.


After 3 months of learning and measurements and deep thought process I finally finish my model of my first ever custom distro for the sl600m 




And there is a reason not only for strength purpose on why I wanted to make this rear panel but for something else, And I will get into that more later.



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Brace yourself !


Time to figure out bracing , I wanted something that wasn't going to fail me or make my case flimsy, but something sleek and stealthy yet strong, yes it wont have front supports... but that doesn't mean you can't make it strong enough for someone to easily pick up or even sit on if needed, haha. 

But not really, was more of being able to not have anxiety about a case falling apart while moving it or over its lifetime.


So I needed something to be able to hold the rear panel to the case, and also tie into supporting the bottom and top. And after more research and narrowing down decisions I found my solution.


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