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Bleeding without a resvoir was a pain ! 

The loop filled easily , but getting the air bubbles out was a hassle. 

So my plan was hook up a res and run it for a day, and then take the res off and install top panel.  

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My name is Nick Van Guth AKA Termuda Square, I was one of last years apprentice league winners and  I’m back for a second year.... but this time I’ve came more prepared then last year,  as I’ve been p

Levitation time !    I wanted a way to show off my sponsors names in the mod so I started with a test...    success ! Time for upgrades 😁      3D resin print test

Coming to a end !    This competition has been a fun but stressful one, stressful just because of how many negative outside events happened during this competition then caused me to work my sel

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Going a little out of order ! 

decided to come back after some sleep and finish filling out detailed build log, its the least I could do to show off the details and just how much work I put into this project. 

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I love golddddd ! 

Was about time to install the bling bling, was a little scratched up after being moved around and set on different shelfs and spots throughout the mod, so I decided to polish it up. 



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A little RGB to the situation! 

Wanted to add some extra light, and remember peeing extrusion slot cover. 

put two and two together and I hid a Alphacool LED strip inside of the extrusion slot then used extrusion slot cover to hide the wire route.


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Coming to a end ! 

This competition has been a fun but stressful one, stressful just because of how many negative outside events happened during this competition then caused me to work my self with little to no sleep the duration of the competition, being a single father, covid, losing my business, the only thing I had left was this competition so I made sure I would finish, so I did stay up for the past 4 days straight and survived on energy drinks. 

But the end is here , this was the most challenging project I’ve ever did.

It wasn’t only a mod but a engineer project, and my first time modeling and learning modeling I’m surprised my parts fit lol, even the top of the mod was slight angled up due to the extrusion but in my models I always made sure my mounting holes accounted for that so all panels would look straight and no one would ever notice that. 

I take pride in the details that most seem to forget including making sure every bolt, washer and nut was carbon steel for that black look, but also I simply just wanted to test my self and try new stuff and these are the highlights that stood out to me 

1 - magnetic levitation 

2 - cable suspended motherboard 

3 - glow in the dark two tone design paint job 

4 - midplate with inlayed gpu 


The only thing that honestly didn’t work to plan was the actuators for the graphics card, it took me 1.2 months to even get my magnet in the mail. 

The first magnetic ended up being a non digital kind and was the only one available in the USA so the second one I had to order from China and it took forever.

But the long nights, the nights with skipping dinner to get more work done , the skipped family get togethers on holidays, it was all well worth it and I hope from the judge’s perspective if was well worth it also as I hope you love my mod. 

Thank you and happy modding, for any other questions or info make sure to checkout my Facebook, as through out the competition I posted step by step daily with post. @Nick Van Guth 


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