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Termuda Square - BLΔCK MΔGIC


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20 minutes ago, TermudaSquare said:

Thanks bro ☺️ I did like the way how you mounted it at a angle when you showed me, that looks epic that way.

Yeah I want it at an angle but how I had it mounted was just temporary, need to find a better solution 

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Delivery’s arrived ! 

so shipping has been a bit rough on everything but stuff started to trickle in like my RGB lighting for the levitating pyramid. 



which ended up being a smidge bigger then listing listed, so now I have to print yet another pyramid. 
so back to modeling it is. 


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Time to rethink actuator position ! 

- So over the course of last few weeks, my plans to use actuators on the reservoirs was coming to a end, as I came up with a new idea 



Since I had to make a mid-plate for the psu cover, I decided to get back to 3d modeling and make a acetal mid-plate with a cutout to inlay a gpu and water block, as well as the magnetic levitation module but then my issue was tubing for gpu, so I thought how about I do soft tubing and make my GPU sort of hidden and flip up when I want it to be shown , and also flip up to reveal a access hole for any needed maintenance. 
pivoting GPU mount to mount to acetal mid-plate and actuator.  

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Front panel fitment ! 

Have been waiting for these clamps to come so I could drill the holes I need in my case panels before paint and also to be able to hang to front panel to give it a floating look. 



my clamps finally showed up time to measure and cut. 

Used a razor blade to de-burr the hole 


And then test mounted it after clamps were installed ! 


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