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Making brackets to hold up the mod ! 

With the bottom panel cut out I needed something to hold the bottom to the mod while supporting the whole mod to the bottom feet, so decided to make some quick brackets out of aluminum and then continued to paint them. 
measurements are key ! 

drill time ! 

Turned out nice, and only took me about 10 minutes. 

A6C7B884-B995-48F3-866D-0E1DB182C81D.thumb.jpeg.ca33579ddae0a6b59db66c6bda2d3640.jpegholes line up ! 


Etch primer ! 6E074883-7F71-4266-A7EF-C4A9D992A3E5.thumb.jpeg.c5c3e58a254309dca138fbb2a071dce6.jpeg

matte black and they turned out nice. 

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Power ! 

I needed to add the power supply but needed a way to mount it, so i used the psu bracket that came with the sl600 and modified it a bit. F2175439-BDB8-467A-B89C-A542F80BB149.thumb.jpeg.3dd4b4d27cbf42af91c9c42377b9c289.jpeg
after modding it to fit I painted the cuts 


and then mounted it in place , and it was a sturdy one ! 


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Paint time for main panels ! 

So this was experimental and didn’t turn out how I wanted but I wanted to try glow pigment over black. I used bmw jet black base coat. 

Let that flash, and then I mixed my glow pigment in with intercoat aka clear base coat and then sprayed that. 8D213574-C091-4A4C-969B-65F111EE659E.thumb.jpeg.d26b8fcb3926011f3d9e40c555e4759f.jpeg
and after the glow pigment intercoat I hit it with intercoat by itself, I then let that dry for a day and then came back and clear coated it the next day, I didn’t take much photo on this process but did take lots of video. 

it turned out decent but because the glow pigment was raised a bit I needed to wet sand and polish the final. 



so I wet sanded in steps , 1000 grit, 1500,2000 grit polishing in between grits with different polishing compounds and pads.


Turned out decent but we are just getting started, now time for stencils and matte black. 

Video of me painting these parts on Facebook B3D1A0AB-43CB-433C-91DE-691263B23397.thumb.png.08d5fdaac3ad654b902a2862c3b6481f.png

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Can’t forget the waterblock ! 

decided to paint the waterblock also , so I made more stencils and got to prepping and painting 


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Matte black time ! 
After wet sanding and polishing every single part I painted gloss black it was time to make more stencils and paint my matte black. 
and yes the designs ended up glowing , but I would need a bigger high intensity light to charge it but due to covid shipping is rough. So here is a little patch on the front panel charged. F2CAB246-1441-4656-9B11-F1918C74A5C2.thumb.jpeg.2ad0dce929383151cd896872161eb904.jpeg

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A base is needed ! 
I wanted to get the bottom together, so I cut my m4 threaded rod along with getting the bottom panel and feet assembled the rod was to be able to hold the bottom to the extrusion frame. So it would sandwich the acrylic panel between the factory panel and the extrusion. B8C47012-B3F9-4CB8-8325-DABD4CE064E3.thumb.jpeg.a0cea5137d0768a123313ab8d54be77c.jpeg8F44C47B-F308-4BC9-B81D-2BD004C60172.thumb.jpeg.9d2857e0c3901296099568a0a8c86735.jpegE5774744-E9D2-4D7C-B50D-13698B7CBF76.thumb.jpeg.ae7bc7eb54cab2434f2ab54ca9c8e8d5.jpeg


when the studs were in before my brackets were made, I used this auto marker to mark ends of the studs then when I would touch the bracket to the studs it would leave blue marks where to drill my holes. 

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Starting to get somewhere ! 

with everything installed so far it was coming together nicely. Tons of hardware I had to order including m3,m4,m5 bolt kits and more. 

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Front radiator panel and brackets ! 
Back to fusion 360 to design some brackets and front laser cut panel to be able to mount my 420mm radiator. 

After cutting I decided to paint the raw aluminum.


and install and it turned out nicely and fit nicely. 


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