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The final pyramid! 

After printing a total of 6 pyramids and tons of failed prints this was set to be my last final print and it turned out awesome. 83FFF128-CCAC-40E3-BF5B-8AC2073BD4CD.thumb.jpeg.e514bf68d4c94244e56e5b46b00aaf57.jpeg

few imperfections I wanted to fix so I used filler and primer and then painted, but between steps I made sure to wet sand down the letters to make it easier each step to make those letters clear. 
had to fill drain hole so mixed up some body filler

also did this with the bottom lip, and then sanded and then primed. 


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Midplate ! 
I wanted to make a mid plate with an inlayed graphics card and also a area for my magnetic levitation device. 
Started in fusion 360 

Also designed a acrylic top cover to go over this that would hide the mounting holes for the midplate and also save me time on finishing since I didn’t have time for paint. 

3D printed brackets and magnetic mounting parts. 

Midplate Assembly time ! 

New Magnetic device “ digital magnetic device” upgraded from the first bulky test unit. And also fitted this one with a micro usb to usb to usb to molex connector. 

for a print , those bolts fit nicely. 


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Ceramic coated top cover & Install & Levitation test ! 

Started with my first layer of ceramic coating, I did a total of 5 layers. I wanted to make sure in the event the magnet ever comes off balance and comes down it would be less resistant to scratches. 

let dry 3 minutes 

AADE4EFB-F549-4E8C-BE5E-9CBB886D0F82.thumb.jpeg.51a97f86f50904e51a4632abdfdb447e.jpeghand polish off until dry464A6943-BFB8-4CBF-909B-D5AAFC5E7893.thumb.jpeg.7403af1c1b2b579b20255a22a68fc3c7.jpeg

looks good after install ! 


The test was a success! 

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Cable Pintout and measurements! 

had to make pinouts so my support @gscustomz on Instagram could make some full cables for this mod. 

v850 pinout, I know they have printouts online but it never hurts to double check. 

Shout out to @gscustomz the cables turned out amazing ! 397A1EB2-EE6B-4609-B5CA-9AA821244681.thumb.jpeg.938d0c45d690724c81c16203dec39c3d.jpeg

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More sleeving ! 
Sleeving every cable for better cable management! Including ( pumps, RGB devices, waterblocks, fans, , LED strip) 


Also added black connections to any connectors that were white. 

Sleeved Alphacool RGB fan controller F9310EFB-DC0F-4F31-9C58-CB05C5CD0878.thumb.jpeg.1ca7dd905075e34ed147721ec9be2033.jpeg

And in the end sleeving every cable was well worth it for the looks and the ease of managing. BCB0FAC6-8DD7-476C-8171-A4DC57EFE4B1.thumb.jpeg.d74b60b96c57ef38701fc4dedc9c07c4.jpeg

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 cutting it close ! 
It’s 11:51 PM the night of deadline and I’ve been up for 4 days straight to be able to make this deadline, so sorry if my log is slacking on details. But assembly has still started to progress, as I assembled I modded and painted pretty much every item touched or that went into this mod.3A4D804F-D078-436C-B820-2C9FECA981C9.thumb.jpeg.d8d3dab655bfae2deadfcc334c0ca16a.jpeg1F006D09-EB90-4C36-9E22-60616017DDC6.thumb.jpeg.cdd4729a31fcf6f8fd87a4f63e4f7319.jpegE0252B76-5D97-42B4-958A-20258ED763EC.thumb.jpeg.95882c0ed114dbab32e23528dbc00eaa.jpeg




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Loop and fill time ! 
This is my second loop I ever had to do, luckily it was a few easy ones. But still this was in the last few days before deadline so I felt I was rushed and could have done a more clean of a job. 



Fill time ! 
I don’t have any fancy pressure test tools, so my test is let er rip potato chip lol , but after running for 48 hours no leaks so far. 


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