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Welcome to my worklog for the cmws 2020 Tower Mod category.

This one goes deep!



yes that is a very provoking topic or theme, you might think.

This one is for all those who find evil where none exists and blame good people without reason for all the negative stuff going on around us in the world today.

Pious, religious dogmatic, indoctrinative would be truths that like to dictate morals while inciting violence in the name of a greater good, that always ends up in someone getting hurt, harmed or sacrificed.

Yep. this is serious stuff isnt it. Well, Modding is my poetry and my worklogs are my canvas. This is the way I demonstrate and complain and defy and proclaim that believing anything wont make us good humans. Its the way we treat each other that does.

All we need is the golden rule, do to others as you want done to yourself, and all problems would be banished.

Others write books and shoot films, I build the topic they tell sories about. This is my Kungfu!

Against all intimidation, this Casemod is a protest and a banner waving in the wind against all those who let imaginative demons dwell in their minds.

Knowledge and discovery above all belief and religions that motivate good men to do bad deeds.


more to come...


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thanks exe. and its good to be onboard again. good to see you and other great artists here as well.

well here goes i guess. i recieved the case today so i will start modding the :) out of it.

this one is gonna be a do or dare mod.


from the deepest end of the darkest soul, of the deadliest demons, from the hottest hellfire!

i must drench myself in dread and think like the evil dead for this one. 🙂

am already in a hurry as i am making this and the keyboard and scratchbuild mod. pics to follow today.

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On 10/29/2020 at 1:17 PM, Ghost PC Customs said:

ALI..... One of the name who inspired me to start modding. Good to see you back sir.

really, thanks mate and a, glad to welcome anyone into this great world of functional art. your work and the work of others also inspires me likewise too 🙂 a win win situation 🙂


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