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Delorean Back to the Future project by Exe/Pcustomod

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16 minutes ago, Ali Abbas said:

Delorean, now thats a theme i always wanted to make too. looking forward to this. and a working flux compensator 🙂

For sure mate, is fun build. But as you can see, either i rework g code or new from beginning 😭 for filament i dont care but hours...no...days, oh man 😭 Dont worry for flux, its done 😀

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Hi guys. This is my project since is 35 years from first back to the future movie. Model is 1:3 scale, full aluminum body and printed interior and other small parts. There is a lot to do so....stay tu

ok guys, this is going to be cuted out on one sheet of aluminium and then bended, welded etc. If this came out like i want it...i am building myself a 1/1 scale car in my garage  cause i am not workin

Just geting shape, more work to do but i think i can do that 😀

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  • E x e changed the title to Delorean Back to the Future project by Exe/Pcustomod
  • 2 weeks later...

Hi guys, due too much work on my job, i am not going to finish my project in given time. Sure, i ll finish it some day but not during this competition :) Thank you all for your kind support and wish you all the best in competition and may the best win. Cheers and see you next Year.



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