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Special thank you to my sponsors
ASUS Republic Of Gamers
EK WaterBlocks
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

Project Background

During Lockdown, i got a little bored.
Contacted Jack Daniel's UK and asked about a possible partnership on a new build.
We spoke a little back and forth, they agreed to send out some empty bottles, bar matt, glasses and some other merch.
I got to work on the design of the case + The Way it will loop.
I think the main feature will be the JD bottle, pouring liquid into the tumbler in the centre front of the case.

When designing the case, i wanted to leave enough space on the rear, to allow for an open back.
Showing the loop, cables, and GPU which will be mounted on the back.

Once i had the case done, i reached out to my usual partners and showed them the progress and things just took flight from there.


At this moment in time, i'm not able to share the full parts list. WIll update as they come in. 
MEMORY: XPG Spectrix D60G DDR4 @3200mhz 
SSD: XPG Spectrix D40G M.2 SSD 512GB
Cablemod: Custom made to order cables. 
AMD CPU: AMD Ryzen 3800X 
Cooler Master: MasterFan SF360R ARGB 360mm




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Updating parts list
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Decided to upload some of the final images.  Will post more detailed ones this weekend.      In the image below, you can see 1 of the 2 filters that are in place to stop dust and deb

#ontherocks What an incredible journey it has been. Thankfully and unfortunetly it is now finished. (Mixed emotions) Would like to thank our partners EK Water Blocks CableMod XPG Global A

Special thank you to my sponsors ASUS Republic Of Gamers EK WaterBlocks Cablemod ADATA AMD UK Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Project Background During Lockdown, i got a little bo

Posted Images

Work progress done so far....

First step was visual planning, i use Sketchup for all my designs, while it's not the best or prettiest, it's by far the easiest to use.
I didn't know at first how to route the tubing, but i knew i wanted a waterfall of pouring jack daniel's into a glass. 
Or as some call it ''The never filling glass effect''

here was the initial design 


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After i was happy with the initial designs, i grabbed my jigsaw, drill, electric screw driver, tape measure and got to work.
This was slow and painful. 
I've never really worked with wood before, but i knew in my head my plan so i stuck with it.
Ya'll fancy case modders use great materials, Me ? No. 
I had a double bed frame that was going to be thrown out. 
So naturally, i stole the wooden slats and begun to chop them up. 


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Once i was happy with that, i took the case apart and out to my laser cutter/Engraver.
I needed to somehow fit these massive panels into my 300x500mm laser bed. 
Wasn't easy, had to fidget around with the sides to fit it in. 
But, hey it's doing it's job! 

Ignore both the child's :P 


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Next i felt it was missing some sort of edge, a frame if you will.
So i went to my cutter, played around and after 2 days, finally settled with these black frames.

The reason it took 2 days, was i kept drawing up designs, testing them, hating them, hating myself, hating my creativity. 
I tried everything i could think of. But eventually drew up these, and loved them! 
Painted them in black and attached them to the panels. 


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So... on to the special effect, the cherry atop my cake.

This proved somewhat difficult, oi had to find a way to stop the water from rolling back down the case and overflowing the glass and bottle.
I called up a buddy of mine who's a plumber and asked him for advice. 
He suggested using check valves. 
These valves allow air, gas and water to be pushed one way, however they immediately close when air or water or gas try to come back. 
So, 2 of these will prevent this issue, allowing for the waterfall to remain part of the loop. 
Yes, it's all going to be part of the loop. cool huh?


Next steps!
1. Once the motherboard arrives, drill individual holes for all the cables. 
2. Sand down the whole case, do some extra staining in and around. 
3. Fit the hardware, design wooden cable combs.  

As of right now, this is me up to date. 
I will update further as more parts arive and more work goes underway :) 
Appreciate the time you've taken to look at this log. 
Thank you


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Woring on the rear of the case this weekend.
Need it be as simple as possible, as there's no cover. (Completely open)





While the back looks rough, i'll start with adding 2 slats to the bottom.




I then want to close this off, i use 3mm thick Plywood birch.





Also added a top bar to level the top off.

Once i was happy with that, i stained it to match




Finally, the plan for the loop layout in the back


Rear will no go down for sanding to really smooth it all off, then re-stain. :)

Yes, i double stain. Gives it a nice effect having fading stains.

Will be replacing the top panels in the coming 24 hours.
Removing screws and replacing with plugs to make it even smoother.

Thanks for checking back!

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