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Project Math

Ray Khaos

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Hiya all,

It has been a longtime since I did a work-log so bare with Me.


Project Math 


So Project Math started as an idea when I saw the Azza Pyramid 804 case.

I love horizontally placed motherboard cases, it makes it so much easier to work with.

The case is a true show case and as such has a few short comings , it is actually designed for AIO's and not for custom loops.

It also can only fit 1 x 360mm radiator.


Even if it was a challenge I did go for it and figured I could mod it to My liking.


First step was to remove the drive cages on the left side so I could add another radiator.

Measured out where it would actually fit and if the case could still be closed.

It did ...

After masking it up it was time to drill the holes for the radiator and making sure placement was spot on.

If I made a mistake the top casing would not fit and might even break the glass panels.

Luckily it all worked out, so now I could cut out the actual radiator hole for a 240mm radiator ( intake or exhaust)

Once installed , I could go on with the rest of loop parts.

Installed the 360mm radiator where normally the AIO would be placed , so no issues there.


Since it was called Project Math I decided to use the AlphaCool Eisball reservoir pump combo but had not decided how I would mount it.

Since it could run upside down with a VPP755 D5 pump which would look amazing but after some long thinking about how to make mainting easy I decided I would not mount it upside down.

Instead I used M3 threaded rod to suspend the Eisball in the top of the case, this would also make filling and draining the loop way easier.

after that it was simply tubing the custom loop.


Altho the modding was basicly very easy, the tubing didn't give Me much trouble, the result tho makes it stand out.


So Project Math :

A pyramid case with a square foot print and a spherical reservoir.


Full specs :



Azza Pyramid 804h
MSI X570 gaming plus
AMD Ryzen7 3700X @ 4.2GHz on 1.25V
Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16
Nividia Titan X Pascal 12GB GDDR5X
Team Group T-Force Cardea Z440 1TB Gen4 x 4 NVMe M.2
Seasonic Focus GX750 750W Gold


Watercooling parts :


EKWB Quatntum Velocity nickel-plexi AMD CPU-block
AlphaCool Eisball reservoir
AlphaCool VPP655t single edition pump
Touchaqua temperature inline sensor
MagiCool G2 360mm slim radiator
MagiCool G2 240 slim radiator
Cooler Master MF120R aRGB (x3)
Cooler Master SF240R aRGB






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