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“The exact process of how an Altered Item is born eludes us. We find them in the aftermath of Altered World Events. They take the form of everyday objects, ever-present in our lives, constantly evoked in the thoughts of millions of people, now infused with unpredictable energies, they're altered.”



For this year’s CMWS, I’m going to build such an Altered Item! I will create a mini-version of the Arctic Queen from the video game Control. In the game, Altered Items are ordinary objects infused by paranatural forces during Altered World Events. The Arctic Queen (AI10-KE) is an old and rusty "Arctic Queen" model refrigerator from the 1960s decorated with three crayon drawings.


The door will be openable to showcase the custom water-cooled PC inside. While in the game, the Arctic Queen is contained by the Federal Bureau of Control in the Panopticon of the Oldest House, this compact mod is supposed to become the new streaming PC for our workshop.



Mobo: MSI MAG B550I Gaming Edge Wifi
GPU: MSI RX5700 Mech OC
Memory: Patriot Viper Gaming RGB 16GB

SSD: Patriot Viper Gaming VPR100 RGB 512GB
PSU: Cooler Master V850 SFX



Next up, I will create the 3D model for  the Arctic Queen to fit in all the hardware and stay in the regulations of the Small Form Factor category.

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