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TodMod-Akira ROG Street Rider Mod

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Good morning folks, 

Now is time to Dedicating myself to the realization of the direct custom cable, That will be exposed on sight in the back of the case,With cable passes made with a 3d printer







Meanwhile came the 2 Ninjato, 4 Kunai and a tactical knife, that will be placed on the top and back of the case for illustrative purposes For the Akira character. 








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Good, Sunday folks, 

Today we are dedicated to the custom realization of the reservoir, a mix of wood and aluminum plexiglas for an aspect that can be integrated well with the scratch build design, the reservoir will be quite large and will be placed in the front right of the case. 










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Now that the reservoir is ready and has passed the 12 hours of testing, I set to work on the realization of the stand for the gpu, That will have the task of supporting to 45 degrees Outwards with fans upwards. 








Now that the mod is almost complete, I will dedicate myself to wood finishing operations before the final post


Stay tuned 


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