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Jean R built - Da Module Thingy (Not sponsored, Handmade, it's the first time for me at CMWS)

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Link to the official voting page for this project:   https://community.coolermaster.com/cmws/cmws-vote/?contest=photo-detail&photo_id=4287   Click this link to jump to the page

18th October   The time for the RGB controller had finally come                     

Update I'm starting to give some shape to the cutted sections.     Tomorrow I'm going to continue with the rest of the sections

Posted Images

There are a lot of photos, but there is also the video that need attention right now, that's why I can't post them all at once.

Here 4 more shots of the duo, this time the fans have different colours too in some shots :color:










Some may have noticed that I removed entirely the external cable cover.

Now the I/O cables run inside the case beside the storage frame and pop out near the PSU, at least for now I need the power cable, so I thought that if all the cables get out from the same location it isn't too much intrusive visually, and the thick cable look is growing on me.

This way you get another advantage, when you move the case it's like having only one cable to manage.

Another reason for not having more shells on the handle is that it blend well with the mix of thickness and void style of Leetfoot's fingers.

More photos Incoming, cheers

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I noticed that I didn't post shots of the inside of the case after the last update on the handles, LCD and the frame.

Here it is a pic of the storage frame side naked, you can see the path of the cables inside the shell beside the frame.



I'll check if I have something about the LCD side to show, if not I'll take a shot like this one with my phone as it doesn't look the same compared to June.


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Someone may be wondering how the duo is stable even if it looks like they are unbalanced, so for Science I weighed Leetfoot and its weight is 5.3 Kg.

Most of Leetfoot's weight is in its fingers, taking in consideration this the finger's length and that the case with all the hardware weighs 12.5 Kg, it might be simpler to understand why it is so stable even when set in odd configurations.


And here I post a link to my twitter account that show the rainmeter widget working



Have a wonderful day

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As I'm testing things out in rainmeter to improve the widgets, here is how it look if you use the AverageSize command line



The RAM ramp up so fast that it's never that smooth, but on the CPU it looks a lot better now, it doesn't take too much CPU power either so it's all good.


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