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Hi there 😀


this will be the Worklog for our SFF Build for the CMWS 2020.


We will use a Coolermaster Masterbox NR200 for our Project. At the moment we plan to use a lot of Oak Wood to rebuild a few parts like the Front and the Feets with custom Build Wood Parts so that the whole Case becomes a little piece of decorative Art.

Beside that we´re going to add other wooden details to the in + outside of the Case


At the moment we´re not sure which hardware we will use, but we´ll keep you updated as soon as we have made the decision.


So stay tuned for more.... (i hope to add the first pictures in the next few days)



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In the last weeks we took the Case apart and started to take measurements of the Original Front.






After that, we transfered all the Data from the in + outside of the Front to a 3D Model which we used to generate the files, so that we could mill the new wooden Front.

We took measurements from the in and outside because we want to attach the Front to the Case using the original mounting system, so we had to integrate the details from the inside of the front, so that we could mount those small Plastic clips which hold the Front on the Case.


When the milling process was finished we just made a rough cut with sanding paper, so that we could fill the CM Logo with glittering epoxy resin.













And last but not least, after the drying process of the Resin, we sanded the whole front and added a first layer of clear Coat....







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As next we added a few more layers of clear coat to our Front Panel, before we milled new wooden feets for our chassis.





They have exactly the same shape as the original feets so that we could attach them like the Original ones (like we did with the new front).



When the Feets were clear coated, we polished all Parts and test mounted them on the Case....







As next we prepared a wooden Top and a Bottom Part for our Pump & Reservoir combo.....




After milling the raw parts, we add some small details to the Top when we engraved the Alphacool Logo in it, which we filled with some blue colored Resin....





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As next we prepared the hardware and watercooling gear, so that we can assemble everything inside the case.

Beside that we also painted the CPU Block, sleeved the Cables and prepared a Keyboard with hand made Pudding Keycaps and a new wooden wrist rest.

Last but not least we prepared a new plexiglas sidepanel, as replacement for the original one. 


After that we also made a few final pics.



























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