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Explore Modding - A.R.E.S. Command Center

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And here comes the attachment for my Project Pandora from the scratch build category!


The name comes from the myth of Pandora's Box, which tells that the Box contained all the chaos of the world and hid all the hope at the bottom.


Well I was out of fantasy for the name so I'm just calling the keyboard Chaos because it's a mechanic one and they're usually noisy, and the mouse Hope because I hope it's not as noisy as the Logitech one I have. 😂🤣




Since I didn't have time to commit to Project Pandora, because Project A.R.E.S. took all of my time, I decided to make this become the A.R.E.S. Command Center, a station with mouse and keyboard inspired by Sci-Fi display and setup designs.


The goodies provided by Cooler Master should be here soon so I can start designing, hence why I have nothing to show you guys at the moment.

Those goodies should be the MK730 keyboard and MM711 mouse.





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Let's get it on with this very simple worklog. The goal here was to make something that looked super futuristic and completed the look of the A.R.E.S. build.


To do that, I designed some sort of XL mousepad to be cut out of 10mm acrylic, with engravings and edge lighting.




Other than the main piece, three feet were cut out, to set the whole thing to a slight angle and to hold in the chromed tube through which the LED wires will run.

Those feet were welded on the main piece using acetone.




Once cured, I went ahead and cut the chromed tube to length, and I also made a little cutout at both ends to allow some clearance for the wires.






Then I made two aluminum profile to put the LED strips on and attached them to the sides of the piece. Final result is simple yet very striking.









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And here are some beauty shots of it controlling the A.R.E.S. starship :D

Some pics also show the system I implemented on A.R.E.S. to hide the I/O cables and carry them towards the side of the case. That kind of pass-through is available on both sides to allow a tidy wiring in both left and right configurations.




Full res photo gallery at: https://imgur.com/a/8FA7heQ





































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