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Wooden Desk with PC Drawer in Oak

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Notice the slim nordic design.

This build is suppose to look like it's not even possible. 

The huge weight of a 15 kg drawer being suspended under a slim and elegant desk which look thin due to its various chamfers and angles.

All 4 legs are cut in a 3 degree angle, but only on two of the outward-facing sides. This allows the drawer to be located as far away as possible creating more space at the desk. Meanwhile keeping the legs conical matching the build. Notice how they seamlessly line up with the supporting bracket. 

Because there is a humongous drawer under the table, there is no support bracket under the desk on the front side. To alleviate the weight i've mounted a diagonal supporting bracket to help out. 

At the back i've routed a space for the hot air from the rad. to exit efficiently around the bracket and away.

The drawer is held up on the right side by as list glued into the support bracket. On the left side there's an "L" list with a knob-plunger screwed into it. The knob plunger allows for the drawer to be locked in 2 positions as shown on the pictures. 

The glasspanel is actually a 5mm scratch-free polycarbonat sheet glued in place. This is simply to protect the computer from liquids and acidental gunshots, which the manufactures claim it can withstand.. haha. 


Last but not least, thank you CoolerMaster for hosting such an amazing competition. I'm devastated over the fact i didn't make it in time. 😓

This build is a year of work and planning. Guess i'll come back stronger next year. 😉 

- MA Modified









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