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Hello, my name is Yuri, I am from Moscow. My job is building and customizing computers at ‘Man-Made’. I first got interested in computer hardware at the age of 12. This is my first modding contest. This computer is designed as a knights armor, plated with 24K-gold and leather. Naturally, completely water-cooled.

I was designing the project, I was inspired by the knightly armor of the Middle Ages. But real armor doesn't have to be glossy; it protects the body in battles.

But the inner filling must be powerful and glossy, cooled by the blood of a dragon!


Case: Cooler Master sl600 (sposored by CM Russia)

PSU: Cooler master 750 gold(sposored by CM Russia)

CPU: AMD Ryzen R7 5800x

VGA: MSI RTX3080 Ventus

RAM: 16gb G.Skill TridentZ 4000Mhz

MB: MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus 

Another hardware:

Cooler master MASTERLIQUID MAKER 240


Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Plexi GPX-N RTX 3090/3080 Ventus

EK-CoolStream Classic SE 240

EK-Vardar EVO 120ER RGB x2






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Hello. Finally I was able to get some of the iron. and began part of the preparatory work with the hull. Covering panels with leather requires certain skills that were not available until now. But this is part of this project - the creation of a beautiful product and new skills in working with the material.





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Welcomes everyone. I transferred part of the image to the body to start engraving. in the process of engraving dremel died ((I ordered a new engraver and am waiting for him. So far I started experimenting with decorative gilding of the cooler master emblem.




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Hello everybody! the Dremel replacement has finally arrived. while waiting for her, finished with the CM badge and leather-wrapped panel. It turned out, I think, very well. moved on to engraving panels, the process is very laborious and long, especially when you do it for the first time.



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Hello everyone. Work is proceeding, albeit at a slower pace than desired. decorative gilding of engraving completed. Now it will be necessary to begin the process of aging the elements. the choice of components has changed a bit: AMD RYZEN R7 5800X processor. Due to the scarcity and cost of new AMD dripping. The MSI rtx3080 Ventus waterblock arrived. 35 days have passed from the moment of ordering to the delivery of the water block, I am sure that we will have time to finish it on time.




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the long Christmas holidays are over, during which time the outer part of the building is almost completely completed. External panels are sanded with 120/240/360 grit, then aged with scratches and chips, as well as graphite and ink. very painstaking work, but it is a huge experience. the remaining parts are due to arrive this week. Copper chrome pipes are not only a decor, but also a functional necessity.




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From what was done with the accessories: - the water block of the processor is decorated, the contact spot with the processor is additionally polished. -assembled video card msi ventus rtx3080, with alphacool waterblock. The readiness of the outer parts of the case is 80%, I decided not to use the factory back cover, as it is too boring. tempered glass was made to fit the size of the cover, and I decided to make stained glass. this is the first experience, but I really like it, it's a different challenge to myself.




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While the stained glass is finally dry, I started assembling the inner part, I think this process will be much faster. main problems of working with stained glass: -I have never done this, the whole experience is three times a converted image for this case mod -working with stained-glass paints, because this paint from acrylic is highly diluted and acts on the principle of surface tension. I filmed part of the stained glass painting, later we will make a video for YouTube.



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The assembly is almost over.

- for greater stability in overclocking, it was decided to install a second pump for pumping a large circuit.

- the installation of the second glass, with stained glass, caused enormous difficulty. It is mounted on magnets for easy dismantling.


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