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The work is finally finished and I did some performance tests. the processor was overclocked at a voltage of 1.35. the temperature did not exceed 73 degrees.  The video card in the core was able to gain stable 2200 MHz (on boost) and the memory rose by 45 MHz. the temperature of the card came out very low. 38-44 degrees, depending on the test / game. very good indicators, it seems to me.


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The project left for a photo shoot, because the last thing I would like to see is my sloppy pictures on my phone. (I do not know how to photograph at all). I am VERY glad about the experience and skills gained in working with gold, leather and engraving. the computer turned out to be both truly powerful and beautiful. Separate words of gratitude to COOLER MASTER RUSSIA, for help with hardware! P.S MSI Russia simply ignored our request for hardware, in conditions of rtx30 deficiency this was a problem.


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Мы сняли небольшой видеоролик о проекте. Он на русском, но картинка очень красивая, добро пожаловать!)





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On 2/10/2021 at 4:55 AM, Rangertreaty33 said:

This is absolutely amazing! You have some real talent man!


I look at all the projects of the participants and with great pleasure I understand that this is also a part of this)

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