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Fallout - C0571NH4


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Hello modders,

My name is Caio, but I am better known as C0571NH4, I have been casemod for almost 20 years, but in the last few years I came back with strength.

My project this year was based on the game Fallout, I used references from all games to generate a final result that I liked.

The case used was the Cosmos C700P Black Edition.


And here I present the initial project. With some ideas.




_05.thumb.jpg.51568e8e9fcc5e61ed51dce062d1e210.jpg     _04.thumb.jpg.bd9f346ce7b60e10a02515a6eaaeeae6.jpg

I disassembled it to perform some tests of space and positioning of the parts and to know the case and define what modifications should be made.


Testing the new cover. To cover all the lower parts, support the details and more.


Positioning the GPU in a different location to get out of the ordinary.



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Hello, another day, another detail of the project.


Following the theme, I needed to create a mini nuclear bomb just like the game.




For that, I used rubber and pieces of pipes. I cut cocoa-shaped pieces and pasted them with contact glue. Very common in handicrafts here in Brazil.



I used sandpaper to turn the rubber into a circle.



After that, I added volume details.



To finish, I used metal paint.



And the result was this with some details.



I wanted the result to be coarse and badly finished so that it looked like it had been abandoned for a long time.




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One more details of the modding.

To the reservoir and following the theme. I used bottles of Coca Cola.


I like to use the glass reservoir in my projects so that it takes longer for the fluid to heat up, optimizing the cooling and for being more resistant.


I drilled the holes using a diamond drill and very calm so as not to break the bottom.





I created the personalized label with the name of Nuka-Cola printed on vinyl sticker.


Here the result of it assembled and with the base already secured with an extender and seal created.


Finalizing the reservoir project already in use.



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For some details, I used a 3d printer with the help of a friend.


The original idea was just to have an entrance gate for valt 111 following this model.



However, we ended up managing to produce more pieces.



Detail of gates and nameplates.





Detail of the printed and painted grll.




More pieces




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I decided to change the PSU cover for a flatter one to put details and paint with the vault tec logo.



And for creating a new front by replacing the front mesh with the DVD bays.



cutting with a bench saw





Testing the front assembly with the fans



I developed a support for Teamgroup's Delta ssd to serve as a cover for the hds at the bottom of the PSU cover.


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In the game the coin are caps of a soft drink. I spent time preparing, painting and pasting the stickers on them.



I also set up boxes of food and health supplements according to the Fallout theme.





And as I changed the position of my GPU to the duperios part of the case, improving ventilation, I had to manufacture new power extenders.



I covered the left side of the case with fabric and embroidered with the number of the vault 111.




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