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🚀 How to start your worklog

CM Nick

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Here are a few tips on how to start your worklog for #CMWS22.



Your Modding Name -  Project Name



Make sure you add the right tags that fit your Mod - Tower, Scratch, SFF Build, Gaming Theme, Overclocked, Peripheral Mod



Update your worklog throughout August to December and make sure you give as much detail as possible showing your mod process and journey from beginning to end.  This is what the judges will be looking into.


CMWS22 LOGO - Logos

You do not need to add the logo watermark for your worklog photos.  We only ask you to add the watermark when you share your final submission photos on social media.



Update your worklog by replying to your existing thread. Do not start a new thread for each update.


  1. Start with an introduction 
  2. Project design concept and inspiration (2D, 3D Drawings) 
  3. Hardware & Sponsors
  4. Creation process
  5. Action shots
  6. Show any issues or problems you faced
  7. Assembly
  8. Final shots
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Hey Nick, I accidentally started a thread as a guest due to the system somehow logging me out after logging in, but was able to start a thread while logged in after that happened.  

if it’s possible could you delete the thread that I posted as a guest in the scratch category named CM-Arctic Predator 

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