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And with the computer component tray installed:




Its all a very tight fit, barely any spare space expect a bit on the left and right, there fittings were a pain to get on, but just about managed with some log pliers. My measurements of lining up the SLI waterblock extender fittings seems to have been spot on as well



I've pressure tested the whole system without the pump and its all good thank god.

I created some 3d print/foam spaces to fit between the heatsink and the fan housing to seal it to make sure the air only goes through the heatsinks:



I then fully assembled the fan and mounted it in place:



And stuck on some foam on the feet for vibration damping:



Here's the pump all assembled:




Pressure test time again :)



I connected a res to the 2 inlet pipes to bleed the air. I can bend the tube to make it either go around the res more or the main system, it took a while, but got there eventually:



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Sorry about the quality of the pics, they seem to get compressed when I upload them


Thermals wise it gets rather toasty under synthetic loads, the GPU is fine, but the CPU starts to throttle at 90c in this test. This is a worse case scenario though, and games wont utilise anywhere near 100% CPU.

Even under VR stress on Half Life alyx the CPU ends up in the high 70s to low 80s without throttling, so I'll call it a win :)

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