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Timpelay - C700Mi


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More hardware work!


Installing CPU and SSD to get the motherboard ready.

I need to get the waterblock mounted as soon as possible to check that my measurements are correct in my 3D model.

Don't want to miss alignment on cooling pipes :D




Oh boy!










The combination is beautiful.

Decided to go for the full nickel block and keep the gold to the fittings.



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I had the design for the motherboard tray and distro pretty much ready I while ago.

Now with the hardware in place I could make final adjustments to get all tubes and cables lined up as I intended.


Tray and the two other parts of the distro are cut from 5 mm black acrylic.

Which makes the total thickness 15 mm, thin and perfect for the backside.


Threaded by hand and ready to test fit!








I'll glue the distro together, with some screws to keep the parts in place when doing so.

As this will be invisible in the backside chamber together with cables etc. I want to use as little material as possible and keep flow paths direct.





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Tray in place and motherboard mounted! :D

Got some fittings in there and it all looks super.


Lines up perfect with booth CPU and GPU block.


Tray slides in place and connects to cut outs in bottom part. At the top there's cut outs which will make the tray steady against the frame.




Finally starting to get the feeling of how good this will turn out.

The tray also acts as a back support for the top radiator.




Fitment is everything!


I really love how all parts seems to be custom made for this case, but it's actually the other way around!










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  • 2 weeks later...

About time to finish up that bottom part of the case.

Swapping out the original hard LEDs to new digital RGB strips in the right length.




I cut the diffuser inserts and glued them back together.




Alot shorter than before!


(Workspace is getting messy as deadline aproaches! :D )




Got the back panel designed and ready for pump/res combo mount.




Lines up perfect with the distro inside.

Super easy fill and maintenance and as the case got a rear outer frame, this space is utilized in a good way and pump will barley not be visible from the side.


Just look at that light reflection from the fittings.






With this installed I got my hardware package located in an unusual way together at the back of the case.

Absolutely love the orientation and for me hiding the cables coming from the finished PC is superb.


There will be alot of space connecting them, just a little harder than having them at the back but well woth it IMO!



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I replicated the exact patter used on the top aluminium of the Cosmos to use for my radiators.

The panels are divided into two pieces, here with an open frame.

I plan to make one with a closed window section for the hardware aswell.






With the distro test fitted and me satisfied I used this wonderful glue to seal it tight.




Leak tested all channels one at the time to make sure it was properly sealed. Oh yes it was.

Could recommend everyone doing custom loops to get a leak tester if not already got one.

The new version from EK is also worth an upgrade from the first one as it's easier to use with the flexible tube and properly graded gauge.



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Distro installed and time to put my cables through it. Started with the 24-pin.




Now with the cables running through the distro I could finish the PSU end, finding the right pinout and make those 4 split cables required for this PSU.






And done!

Always time consuming to go with self made cables instead of cablemods or some extensions but for this type of build I thought this was the only way.


Super happy that I put the hours in for this job I find pretty boring.




PSU installed.


Looks kind of crazy how this will be possible. But yes, it will!






It even cleares without the bottom bars installed. :D



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Side radiators got their fans mounted. Time to get all RGB sorted.

Usually you have this large case with cable compartments but this one will be a bit tricky.


A total of 8! fans, dual LED strips in the top, in the front and in the bottom of the case.

LEDs in the graphics card water block and in the pump/res combo.


So total 16 light sources. Ouf there will be cables.





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Well hello there you sneaky PSU.




Finally time for some tubing! Love this part as everything gets connected.


Beautiful gold fittings combined with chome brass hard tubes.

Choose between chrome and gold tubes but as I went for the full Nickel block and the silver GPU block I think this suites way better than full gold.






I will make two parallell arrows of tubes for the CPU.

The will fit the shape of the backplate but also put the EK logon on it right in the center, stay tuned!



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Change of LEDs continues with the front piece. 

New strip in original place.




I also reattached the  push pin contact at the bottom which aloows the front to be removed completely without disconnecting any cables.

At this time, I'll go with the standalized a/dRGB header but I wanted to keep the connector if I decide to change it later on.

Only thing needed then is an adapter cable from strips to connector.




There it is, 170 mm shorter and glued back together.



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