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Getting there :)

Some great comments thanks...........makes it all worth while thank :glasses2:

Drilled out all the rivets on the rest of the case and got all the parts primed and painted and as previously suggested, rather than paint it all one colour decided to paint it a mixture of all three so it should look a bit more interesting with the side off.

Also got a set of Lain Li wheels which i've temporarily stuck on with double sided tape until i see how the radiator is going to fit but already look a bit better than the stock ones

A great bit of advice i was given ages ago - measure twice, cut once has definitely come in good on this one.........took me ages to mask up but i managed to get it almost totally symmetrical on both sides and the blocks and stripes are practically exact so i'm quite pleased with that.

Before i start riveting it all back together i'm going to have a word with the body shop and see if its worth getting the whole lot clear coated as i presume it would be easier to do while all the parts aren't in one bit but i'll see what they say.

Still got a few other bits to be getting on with but this is the progress to date............










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Again cheers for the feedback :)

Sorry to keep boring people with this one but i just can't seem to decide whether to add a few more graphics as it sometimes looks a bit plain but don't want to go over board as i like the clean lines but i need to make a decision before it goes for clear coat.

I'm still not 100% where i'm mounting the rad yet and going to have a bit pre fit with a Black Ice GTX in the front to see if i can make a feature out of it but i just can't make my mind up at present so i'm going to leave as is for the time being and go back with a fresh set of eyes.

BTW i didn't like the white pinstripe on the top thing so repainted it yellow but i'm still undecided to try a black stripe :roll:





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Decided to do a bit with the fans while waiting on a few bits coming.

Took a couple of Yate Loons which seem to be the fan of choice these days plus they are cheap as chips as i wasn't real certain how this would turn out.

Used Pete's "how to guide" to dismantle the fans and gave them a coat of Plastic Primer which is clear but gives the paint a good key and then sprayed the fan bits all white while the frames got the yellow treatment.

When the white was dry, masked off the edges of each blade with thin line masking tape and hit the exposed bits with black.

I got a couple of genuine Yamaha tuning fork logos to go in the centres followed by a coat of clear coat and that's another job jobbed :D






tremendous news............spoke to Willie at HWLabs the other day about a custom radiator for this project as i wanted something real special and the outcome is they are now busy fabricating a one off GTX for me which is well above and beyond the norm so i'm extremely grateful to those guys and can't wait to get my hands on it.........how cool is that:cool:

Just hope i can do it justice:S


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Nearly forgot to post an update :?

Got all the tins back from the body shop after being clear coated which is absolutely outstanding as it is but the guy that did it is even coming to my house tomorrow night to give the top and sides a final machine polish which i'll see if i can get some pictures of if he doesn't mind.

In the mean time i started riveting most of the chassis back together and tried to take some pictures of the new shininess:D







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I ordered a braided Antec Quattro 850 from Performance PC's (cheers for the link) but if it doesn't get here in time then i'll go with an Enermax EG851-AX-VH 660W which i have here.

Most of the case has been machine polished now which looks like glass so can't let a few minor hic-ups hold things up :wink:



Trying to do 10 things at once as usual so sorry for the lack of updates :roll:

Basically sat waiting to hear my new PSU had landed but alas its still not here and after speaking to Hank at Peformance PC's its looking like it could be stuck in customs..........wells there's a surprise :shock:

Anyway the PSU was a no show so basically got built up what i could.

Got the HWLabs GTX to fit just nice and all the hose looks as good as its going to get so i'm pretty happy with that and also got the fans clear coated and installed.

Used a double plexi res top and the system literally bled in minutes so that was a success :)

All i got to do now (apart from wait for the PSU) is try and get the liquid colour to resemble the case yellow which is going to be fun...........not!

Anyway some pictures of the trip...












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Yeah there is a few things that need sorting like the water colour and oh yeah, a PSU would be nice :|

Anyway, couldn't resist getting a couple of pictures next to the real thing............well sort of :D

System Spec:

Tyan Tiger K8WE S2877ANRF

2x AMD Opteron 265 dual core SKT 940 Retail (1.8Ghz-0.9nm-2Mb)

4x 512GB OCZ 3200 EL DDR ECC Reg / Dual Channel

Gainwards 8800GTX Ultra Golden Sample

Antec 850 True Power Quattro PSU

2x 74GB Raptors


2x Danger Den TDX A64 Blocks

Danger Den NV8800 Block

Danger Den Hard Drive Block

Laing DDC 10watt - Alphacool Dual Plexi Res

HWLabs Custom Made GTX X-Flow

2x Yate Loon D12SL-12

Tygon Hose

Fesser One Liquid




And finaly with the Antec 850 True Power Quattro PSU



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