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Project: Quad 88


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Hi everyone!

This is going to be my first casemod project on a english website :D

(so be nice about my english ok? ;))

Anyway let's begin shall we?


For this casemod i will be using a brand spanking new "Cooler Master 690"

Here are some photos of it:







Yes i know.. cablemanagement.. well these photo's were taken while i was still waiting for my Quadcore processor and i really couldn't be bothered doing it. But i promise it'll be tidy by the time i'm done with this casemod

Next is a fan controller design i did. I'll propably never use it and just buy one of those old zalman fan controllers :D They are really easy to mod i think. You'll see what i am talking about in a couple of days!


Ok so that's the beginning! I will post a update within 10 minutes from now so STAY TUNED

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Alright first update :D

Here i am going to show you guys what kind of idea's i have for the window and everything else. These ideas might change every hour since that's how crazy i am

so here are the ideas:




Ok so don't laugh at my mad designing skills

Things that are CERTAINLY going to happen to my case:

- Dvd player Stealth Mod

- Sidewindow with a nice acrylic thingie.. not sure what (you'll see ;))

- Radzgrill sort of thingie on top, not sure how to explain otherwise but it doesn't mean i'm going to use radzgrillz (although it would be nice)

- Paint the case black on the inside and make a fake roof on the inside (acrylic) to hide all the extra cables.. Why didn't i buy a modulair powersupply :??

- Stealthing the areas around the motherboard which will make it look like it's hovering in the air

Another update will be here within 10 minutes

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I'm kinda of irritated at the moment, since it is not possible for me to find a fan controller (any brand or kind) anywhere :evil:

Now i could use the internet but that will take 2 more days and cost me a lot more money.. this really sucks :cry:

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Today i'm going to pick up some black paint for the inside of the case and i ordered some blue acrylic and a nice fan controller which i'm going to mod.

I also have plans for the inside of the roof (as in making the stealth roof to hide some cables)

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