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Project: ATCS 840


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Been wondering what to do with the new Coolermaster ACTS 840 for a while with no real plan as yet but felt if i didn't make a start at some point soon i'd be playing catch up which i've done in the past.

Anyway, whatever happens the chassis would be getting anodised black so decided to strip the whole thing down.

Pretty easy job in all honesty with only eight rivets needing removed to get the top off...............still got cut out the base to fit a 240 radiator but apart from that its ready to go get anodised.

BTW, very early stages so expect this one to take quite a while but at least its a start :lol:







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Still not sure what hardware is going into this and initially i had wanted to go i7 but i've still got a spare Skulltrail board though no CPU's or RAM but i do know it will be dual loop whatever hardware i end up going with.

So i thought i'd give something a little different a go which should end up keeping things nice and tidy and keep hose routing to a minimum.

The plan is to attach an Alphacool DDC top to the back end of a Dual Res.

I'll see how it actually performs first and i might end up making the two dual Reservoirs from scratch but i'm pretty happy with the outcome using the DD ones tbh.

Was a simple case of tapping 4x 6/32 holes into the backside of the res followed by a 12mm hole in the centre so the liquid can flow directly to the pump.

I'll also be tapping a G1/4 hole into the front of the res for easy filling.

Once i decide whether to use the DD Res or make my own i'll use clear silicon gasket seal before screwing the Alphacool top to the Res which should hopefully make it completely leak proof...............well that's plan A anyway 8)

The result is a nice compact res/pump combo which i duplicate for dual loop.

As always, on with some pictures ;)











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WOW it works 8)

Actually, i never doubted it wouldn't tbh but i was quite surprised it didn't leak even without any gasket seal but i guess its because the two contact surfaces are so flat there's no space for leakage.

Anyway, i'm a happy with the outcome and i can get back to me holidays tomorrow knowing i did good :wink:




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Just before i started chopping this ATCS 840 chassis up i thought i'd give this top 360 radiator mounting a go using the included brackets.

I set it up using the two stock 230mm fans pulling through the radiator but it could also be mounted using any three 120mm fans which no doubt a lot of folk will do (not sure which option i'll go for just yet)

I got to say it all works really well though one thing i would add is a small blank plate or tape up the side gap of the 230mm fans so all air is directed through the radiator.

Just got to work out what to do with the grill now??






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